Drawing from Life



​Figuring the Naked Body / Drawing from Life

A Making Study Group led by artist Donna Huddleston. The Nakeds exhibition provides the setting for two dynamic sessions that explore different ways of figuring the naked body. Huddleston’s approach is to make use of the theatrical construct of having a life model within The Nakeds exhibition.  She will set up a range of poses and approaches that juxtapose the model with particular works within the show: Egon Schiele's approach of partial undress;  Andy Warhol's tracing and composition;  Enrico David's rubbing technique and a playful interpretation of Georgina Starr's preparatory drawings.

The other session will take place on 30 October: Drawing from ‘The Nakeds’.  Over 70 works, executed in a range of media and dating from 1912 (the drawings of Egon Schiele) to the present day (works by Chantal Joffe, Enrico David and Nicola Tyson) provide inspiration to figure the human form.

(Materials, including graphite, watercolour, paper and collage, are provided.)  

Donna Huddleston recently conceived Witch Dance which was performed at Drawing Room in 2013. Born 1970 Belfast, Ireland, she was raised in Australia and now lives and works in London. She studied at the National School of Art and graduated in Stage Design at The National Institute for Dramatic Arts in Sydney. In 2010, Huddleston was nominated for the Jerwood Drawing Prize and is included in Phaidon's new Vitamin D2 – New Perspectives in Drawing. Huddleston has also recently collaborated with designer Stine Goya’s women’s wear collection. Solo exhibitions include Witch Dance at Sadler’s Wells, London (2012-13), Golden Hands, Concrete Café, Hayward Gallery (2008) and solo shows at Juliètte Jongma in Amsterdam (2006 and 2011).

part of Big Draw 2014.