Daisy Nutting

For 5 weeks in November, Daisy Nutting led a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS afterschool club over Autumn Term 2021 in Drawing Room’s gallery space. Children worked on floors, walls, tables and spread across the space, arriving each week to their pictures hung from the week before.

The project started with looking inwards before looking out. Daisy began with short drawing activities to explore ideas around ‘self’ and ‘other’ such as tracing faces through acetate. Through collaborative drawing games Daisy encouraged empathy and understanding by tracing each other’s marks, wearing each other’s drawings and making drawings as gifts.

Throughout the weeks the children experimented with various materials such as ink, posca pens, watercolours, charcoal as a way to depict dreams and internal worlds. Parents gathered for the last session to see the drawings and children spoke about what they had made.

Daisy also hosted a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Family Studio September 2022. The entire room became a surface for drawing, cutting and collaging on life-size scale! Families drew around their body parts and used the figure as a prompt for memories. The studio walls became a mass of internal body parts, narratives and abstract patterns.

A more recent Family Studio hosted in March 2023 at Charlotte Sharman Primary School, invited families to experiment with monoprint processes and transform the hall with images inspired by cave art!

Daisy Nutting is a London Based artist who graduated in Fine Art, Kingston School of Art 2019 and Royal Drawing School 2020. She was awarded the Intaglio Fellowship at Bainbridge Print Studio, 2021. Her work fuses observation with imagination, using drawing and printmaking to create work with chance, structure and narrative.

Thank you to all involved:

Adamer, Arlenne, Dana, Lay-Lay, Maria, Maryam, Rhea, Roukaya, Zipporah

Akhera Williams, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room

Daisy Nutting, Artist

Genevieve Miller, Learning Coordinator, Drawing Room

Misty Ingham, Engagement Curator Maternity Cover, Drawing Room

Sheyamali Sudesh, Engagement Coordinator, Drawing Room

Sofi Tilahun, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Solomon Williams, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Srikanth Jeyaparam, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room

Vanessa Mincher, Safeguarding Lead, St Johns Primary School