Artist Waqas Khan in Conversation

Forming Spaces IV, 2012

Waqas KhanForming Spaces IV, 2012Archival white ink on black wasli paper. 25 cm x 19 cm



​Join Pakistani artist Waqas Khan, short-listed for this year's Jameel Prize, in conversation with Salma Tuqan, V&A Middle East Curator and curator of the Jameel Prize exhibition.

Waqas Khan was born in Akhtar Abad and now lives and works in Lahore. He trained in the traditional practice of miniature painting, but uses the skills he learned to create drawings on a large scale. He says, ‘The process is almost architectural, like building something slowly brick by brick’. The ‘bricks’ are dots, marks and lines, assembled with precision and delicacy into deceptively simple compositions. He also compares his work to a diary, in which ‘Each dot is like a word’.

Jameel Prize 3 is a biannual prize for artists and designers inspired by Islamic traditions of art and design. The exhibition of the work by the short-listed artists and designers will be open at the V&A from 11 December 2013 to 22 April 2014.