Art and Art History Workshop: Marc Bauer, Mal Ȇtre / Performance




Join Art History in Schools at Drawing Room to look at how artists throughout history have represented and explored migration across time, and then form your own artistic response.

Art and architecture have always played a crucial role in the expression of identity. Images such as Gericault’s charged nineteenth century painting The Raft of the Medusa, show how abuse of political power led to tragedy at sea, and was specifically created by him to campaign for the abolition of slavery. More recently Yinka Shonibare CBE’s contemporary adaptation of this very ship in his stunning sculpture La Méduse continues a dialogue on colonial and post-colonial imagery that affects us all. These issues continue to be relevant the world over as Marc Bauer’s index of migrant images created for Drawing Room's exhibition demonstrate:

“This new installation of drawings is an attempt to understand the relationship between images, to see what impact they have on our perception of reality, and how they condition our way of thinking and define our identities.”

-Marc Bauer

How have these and other artists used formal qualities in their images to help us empathise with the figures depicted? And how do their narratives shape our understanding of class, ethnicity, nationality and gender?

Join us at Drawing Room with Dr Cleo Roberts and artist educator Ellie Wyatt to consider how artists and architects have explored migration across time and form your own artistic response. We will be experimenting with materials to create a 2-D or 3- D mixed-media artwork inspired by Marc Bauer, Mal Ȇtre / Performance and exploring different ways of working, from the representational to more abstract. 

Free for students aged 15-18 years and those interested in art and art history.

Please contact [email protected] to book your place.