Amy Rose Barnes

Amy Rose Barnes has been our first ROCK PAPER SCISSORS artist-in-residence working with Year 1 and Year 5 at Charlotte Sharman Primary School to transform the studio into an immersive installation of drawings, pattern and texture. Over the weeks they have been exploring abstraction, environment and camouflage to adorn the studio with works-on-paper, drawings made directly onto the walls, floor and hung at various heights. They have also made wearable drawings so they can get lost in their surroundings!

The children have been able to apply their own imagination to the immersive ‘world’ which they created, some describing it as ‘a jungle,’ ‘a planet,’ ‘underwater’, ‘somewhere that’s not like London,’ ‘a child’s dream’ or ‘another dimension.’ The idea of ‘camouflage’ has opened up interesting philosophical questions around the desire to fit in, be a part of group, stand out and being individual. The project was documented to make a film which was screened at a celebration alongside parents.

As part of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, Amy also led a bespoke Family Studio project in Summer 2022, which was delivered in partnership with SLAM, an NHS organisation who work with families dealing with post-traumatic stress, advanced anxiety and a range of social challenges. Over a series of carefully devised sessions for an invited group, Amy set up sensory and material-based drawing activities at Victory Children’s Centre, to explore materials and pattern as a form of play between parent and child.

As part of our ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Artist Forum, Amy is co-leading a session with artist Lucie MacGregor, finding connections between their practices and to share learning from recent projects with other artists and team of Workshop Assistants.

Family Activity Sheets by Amy Rose Barnes:


Amy Rose Barnes is passionate about making art more accessible for children from working class backgrounds and is particularly interested in the relationship between art and well-being. In her practice, she plays with abstracting nature through the use of drawing, collage, textiles and painting, inspired by commonly observed, but often overlooked, natural patterns. She graduated in Fine Art Painting from Wimbledon College of Art, 2017. Amy was shortlisted for both the Indigo Planning Prize and the Prunella Clough Award 2016, and was awarded the SPACE Prize, 2017. Her exhibitions include HIGHLIGHTS (2016), Mirage (2016), 109 nails (2017) and Biomorph (2019). During lockdown in 2020, Amy produced a book ‘Patterns by Post’ from a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS postal project delivered over the lockdown with children from Elephant and Castle.

Thanks to all involved:

Children of Year 1, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Children of Year 5, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Shanti, Y6 Helper, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Amy Rose Barnes, Artist

Betsy Dadd, Learning Curator, Drawing Room

Chizera Whitrod, Teacher, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Jordan Edwards, Sound and Film Edit

Kate Tidnam, SLAM, NHS Mental Health Practitioner

Genevieve Miller, Learning Coordinator, Drawing Room

Matilde Rahtz, SLAM, NHS Mental Health Practitioner

Misty Ingham, Learning Curator Maternity Cover, Drawing Room

Lydia CS, Cinematography

Lyndsay Fawcitt, Teacher, Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Solomon Williams, Workshop Assistant, Drawing Room