Drawing Room’s Raison d’être

A message from Drawing Room Founders and Directors Mary Doyle, Kate Macfarlane and Katharine Stout.

A message from Drawing Room Founders and Directors Mary Doyle, Kate Macfarlane and Katharine Stout:

A snapshot of contemporary drawing, Drawing Biennial 2017  is an exhibition and auction that includes 247 works on paper made for and donated to Drawing Room by leading artists of different generations from across the globe.  Each work represents that artists’ endorsement of the distinctive and significant role that Drawing Room plays in today’s layered cultural landscape.  

Support Drawing Room 

This is your opportunity to acquire a unique art work and support Drawing Room’s non-profit activities over the next two years. With a starting price of £250, the auction provides a rare opportunity to collect artists you have long admired but whose work has hitherto been out of reach. The online auction is now live, and closes Wednesday 26th April at 9pm.

Why drawing, why us?

It is at Drawing Room that local and international audiences can view the most innovative forms of contemporary drawing, learn from the resources in its unique Study library and connect with artists through talks and practical workshops. In acknowledgement of the achievements and ambition of its 15 year history, Drawing Room has been offered a permanent home with a 25 year lease as part of the new development of Rich Estate from 2020.  

Andrew Renton, Professor of Curating at Goldsmiths College, University of London described how, ‘The transparent democracy of the Drawing Room Biennial has made it one of the most cherished events in the contemporary art scene in London. A push pull intimacy of hundreds of drawings, almost all the same size, without hierarchy, takes the temperature of what making art could be today.’ 

Including works of outstanding virtuosity, compassion and wit, the compelling selection of works affirms that drawing underpins creativity in all spheres of artistic production.  This in turn confirms Drawing Room’s raison d’être – that drawing is the engine room of artistic production and is the key to nurturing the next generation of creatives.

Thank you for your support 

Mary Doyle, Kate Macfarlane and Katharine Stout
Drawing Room Directors 
View Drawing Biennial 2017 artworks HERE

Drawing Biennial 2017

Drawing Biennial 2017
Drawing Biennial 2017