Polly Gould Confidence

13 November 2005

Polly Gould led a project with Hackney Community College students in relation to Sounds like Drawing exhibition. Gould led a series of workshop sessions with foundation students in which the sense of sight was compared with the sense of sound.…


Sounds like Drawing

13 October – 20 November 2005

Beth Campbell, Joseph Grigely, Conor Kelly, Kaffe Matthews, Tom Marioni, Terry Nauheim, Carsten Nicolai, Robin Rhode and Steve Roden.


Lucia Nogueira: drawings

27 May – 10 July 2005


Waste Material : Curated by David Musgrave

3 February – 13 March 2005

William Daniels, Hannah Greely, David Musgrave, Rupert Norfolk, Georg Scharf / Henry De la Beche, Clare Stephenson, Yves Tanguy