Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

Dibujos con renglones = drawings with lines 2011 2012 : José Antonio Suárez Londoño

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono Casas Riegner Bogotá 2012

Die grafische sammlung im Museum Folkwang

Edition Folkwang; Steidl Gottingen c2010

Die Kultivierung von Eigensinnigkeit : Werner Reiterer

Salon Verlag Cologne c2000

Diez dibujos en la viga de Palinuro Libros Leídos = ten drawings in the beam of Palinuro Libros Leídos [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono [s.n.] [Medellín] [2005]

Dinos Chapman : they teach us nothing

White Cube; FUEL London c2011

Direcção: escultura : towards sculpture

Rui Sanches [The Modern Art Centre José de Azeredo Perdigão] [Lisbon] 1998

Dirk Bell : 69

Dirk Bell Kunstverein Bremerhaven Bremerhaven 2006

Dirty literature x electra x National Portrait Gallery

Fatima Hellberg Electra London [2011]

Diving trips drawing as reportage

Berg Stephan Kunstverein Hannover 2005

Do Ho Suh : drawings

Rochelle Steiner Delmonico Books, Prestel Munich 2014

Doce artistas Colombianos

Jaime Ceron [UBS?] [Bogotá?] 2008

Documenta 6 : kassel 1977

Paul Dierichs KG & Co Kassel [1977]

Doku/fiction : mouse on mars reviewed & remixed

Dietmar Dath Kunsthalle Dusseldorf Dusseldorf c2004

Dolven Nerdrum

Claus Hagedorn-Olsen Horsens Kunstmuseum Lunden 1990

Donald Urquhart : invisible ideas : drawing 1977-2007

Donald Urquhart City Art Centre Edinburgh 2007

Donald Urquhart : “a present from the zoo”

Donald Urquhart [Schnittraum?] [Cologne] c2006

Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain : dessins contemporains

Jonas Storsve Centre Pompidou Paris c2013

Don’t tread on me! : drawings : 1947-2004 [Leon Golub]

Leon Golub Ronald Feldman Fine Arts; Griffin Contemporary; Anthony Reynolds Gallery New York; Santa Monica; London c2004

Dorothea Rockburne : in my mind’s eye

Alicia G. Longwell [Parrish Art Museum] [Southampton, N.Y.] c2011

Dorothea Rockburne : indication drawings

Jill Newhouse Gallery New York c2013

Double album : Daniel Guzman with Steven Shearer

[New Museum] [New York] c2008

Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon Kunstverein Hannover Hannover 1998

Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon Tate Gallery Publishing Ltd. London 2000

Douglas Gordon : kidnapping

Douglas Gordon Stedeliijk Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven 1999

Dove Allouche : le soleil sous le mer = the sun under the sea

Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain; Lille Metropole Musee d'Art Moderne d'Art Contemporain et d'Art Brut Auvergne; Lille c2011

Dove Allouche : point triple

Editions Dilecta Paris c2013

Dr. Lakra

Amelia Hinojosa Editorial RM Mexico D.F. c2010


Erik Foss Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico [Mexico?] c2010

Draw : conversations around the legacy of drawing

Judith Winter mima: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Middlesbrough Council Middlesbrough 2007


Azusa Shimizu Island Japan Co., Ltd. Tokyo 2011

Drawing : a tool for design

Eileen Adams The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2009

Drawing : history of an art

Jean Leymarie Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New 1979

Drawing : in and outside : writing

Peter Morrens RGAP Sheffield 2012

Drawing : interpretation / translation

Paul Coldwell University of the Arts, London London 2011

Drawing : it makes you think!

Elieen Adams The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2011

Drawing : the future : a symposium

Stephen Farthing University of the Arts, London London 2006

Drawing acts : studies in graphic expression and representation

David Rosand Cambridge University Press Cambridge c2002

Drawing and the body

Charlotte Hodes London College of Fashion London 2011

Drawing attention : selected world on paper from the Renaissance to Modernism : Art Gallery of Ontario

Katharine Lochnan Merrell Publishers Limited London c2008

Drawing biennial 2013

Drawing Room London [2013]

Drawing breath

Anne Taylor Wimbledon College of Art London 2007

Drawing from life. 1: drawing process

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London 2008

Drawing from life. 2: drawing space

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London 2008

Drawing from life. 3: drawing form

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London 2008

Drawing from New York collections : the Italian renaissance

Jacob Bean The Metropolitan Museum Of Art New York 1965

Drawing from the modern 1880 - 1945

Jodi Hauptman The Museum Of Modern Art New York c2004

Drawing from the modern 1945 - 1975

Libby Hruska The Museum Of Modern Art New York 2005

Drawing from the modern 1975 - 2005

Jordan Kantor The Museum Of Modern Art New York c2005

Drawing inspiration

Deanna Petherbridge Abbot Hall Art Gallery Cumbria 2006

Drawing links

Kate Macfarlane The Drawing Room London c2006

Drawing now

Bernice Rose The Museum Of Modern Art New York c1976

Drawing now : between the lines of contemporary art

Simon Downs I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd London 2007

Drawing now : eight propositions

Laura Hoptman The Museum Of Modern Art New York 2002

Drawing now : Paris

Carrousel du Louvre Paris 2011

Drawing now : Paris

Carrousel du Louvre Paris 2013

Drawing on : the Ingram collection of modern British and contemporary art

Gemma Brace The Choir Press Gloucester 2015

Drawing on experience : museums, galleries and science centres

Eileen Adams Drawing Power, The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2003

Drawing on sculpture : graphic interventions on the photographic surface

Jon Wood Henry Moore Institute **

Drawing on space

Mary Doyle The Drawing Room London c2002

Drawing papers 14 : Henri Michaux, emergences/resurgences

Richard Sieburth Skira Milan 2000

Drawing papers 16 : selections winter 2001

The Drawing Center New York c2000

Drawing papers 20 : performance drawings : Milan Grygar, Alison Knowles, Erwin Wurm, Christopher Taggart, Elena Del Rivero

The Drawing Center New York c2001

Drawing Papers 22

The Drawing Centre New York 2001

Drawing papers 24 : Bracha Lichtenberg Ettinger, the Eurydice series

Catherine De Zegher [The Drawing Center] [New York] c2001

Drawing papers 33 : abstract tendencies

Adam Lehner [The Drawing Center] [New York] c2002

Drawing papers 34 : dis solving : threads of water and light

Cesar Paternosto The Drawing Center New York c2002

Drawing papers 60 : analog animation : selections spring 2006

Adam Lehner The Drawing Center New York c2006

Drawing papers 97 : Dr. Lakra

Rachel Liebowitz The Drawing Center New York [2011]

Drawing people : the human figure in contemporary art

Roger Malbert Thames and Hudson London 2015

Drawing projects : an exploration of the language of drawing

Mick Maslen Black Dog London c2011

Drawing projects for children

Paula Briggs Black Dog London c2015

Drawing sculpture

Sarah Brown Drawing Room London 2012

Drawing space : contemporary Indian drawing

Suman Gopinath inIVA London 2000

Drawing the line : reappraising drawing past and present

Michael Craig-Martin The South Bank Centre London 1995

Drawing the question [includes artists Dan Asher, Eva Hesse, Ree Morton, Sol Lewitt, Sheila Pepe, and Richard Tuttle] : drawing a conclusion [includes artists Heide Fasnacht, Tom Friedman, Roni Horn, Ellsworth Kelly,, Howard Schwartzberg, and Myron Stout] [dos-a-dos binding]

Susan Harris Dorsky Gallery New York [1998]

Drawing today : draughtsmen in the eighties

Tony Godfrey Phaidon Oxford 1990

Drawing water : drawing as a mechanism for exploration : a book by Tania Kovats

Tania Kovats The Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh [2014]

Drawings : Mark Francis

Mark Francis Gagosian Gallery London 2004

Drawings : Tom Wasmuth, selected works : volume 10

Katja Herlach Verlag Buscho; Galerie and Edition Marlene Frei Schoftland; Zurich c2002

Drawings and correspondence [Tom Nicholson]

Tom Nicholson Surpllus Pty Ltd Melbourne 2011

Drawings and paintings from the Studio : Ernest Mancoba

Sevenson; Galerie Mikael Andersen Cape Town; Copenhagen 2014

Drawings from the gallery collection

Arlene B. Dellis Helen Serger la boetie, inc New York [1976]

Drawings from the Kroller-Muller National Museum Otterlo

Arts Council of Great Britain [London?] [1974?]

Drawings II Daniel Ben Hur, Karoline Brockel, Laura Bruce, et al.

Fahenmann Projects Berlin 2010

Drawings of choice : from a New York collection

Josef Helfenstein Krannert Art Museum Champaign c2002

Drawings of L. S. Lowry

Mervyn Levy Cory, Adams & Mackay Ltd London 1963

Drawn : from artists’ collections

Ann Philbin The Drawing Center New York c1999

Drawn from life

Anita Dawood Green Cardamom; Lakeland Arts Trust London; Kendal c2011

Drawn from life : 1 drawing process

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London [2008]

Drawn from life : 2 drawing space

Eliza Gluckman Green Cardamom London [2008]

Drawn from photography

Claire Gilman The Drawing Center New York [2011]

Drawn to sculpture

Micheal Shaw Fremynwoods Contemporary Art Kettering c2008

Drawn to the real : Miriam de Burca, Jane Dixon, Richard Foster, Marie Harnett, Emma Stibbon

Alan Cristea Gallery London 2014

Dream worlds : mass consumption in late nineteenth-century France

Rosalind, H. Williams University of California Press Berkeley 1991

Dreams and conflicts : the dictatorship of the viewer : 50th international art exhibition

Francesco Bonami [La Bienale de Venezia] [Venezia] c2003

Driven to draw : twentieth-century drawings and sketchbooks from the Royal Academy’s Collection

Royal Academy of Arts London [2011?]

Dryden Goodwin with essays by Sophie Howarth and Sean Cubitt [minigraph 6]

Dryden Goodwin Film and Video Umbrella London 2003

Duncan McLaren : the strangled cry of the writer-in-residence

Duncan McLaren Pottsprinter Ltd North Shields 2002

Duo : Hans Arp & Knut Henrik Henriksen

Andrea Kroksnes Galleri Wurth Hagen 2009

Early drawings: Sam Messenger

Sam Messenger Davidson Contemporary New York c2014

East London painting prize

Abbi Palmer [Bow Arts?] [London] [2014]

Echoes : Heide Hinrichs

Heide Hinrichs [s.n.] [s.l.] [s.d.]

Eckhard Etzold

Eckhard Etzold Museum Goch Goch

Ed Atkins & Patrick Ward : definiranje lukenj = defining holes

Alenka Trebusak Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane Ljubljana [2012]

Ed Atkins & Patrick Ward : definiranje lukenj = defining holes [poster]

[Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane?] [Ljubljana?] [2012?]

Ed Pien : imaginings

Oliver Girling The Charles H. Scott Gallery Vancouver 2000

Ed Ruscha

Mary Richards Tate Publishing London 2008

Ed Ruscha : new drawings

Gagosian Gallery Rome c2005

Egon Schiele

Frank Whitford Thames and Hudson London c1981

Egon Schiele : drawings & watercolours

Egon Schiele Thames & Hudson London 2003

Egon Schiele : the radical nude

Peter Vergo The Courtauld Gallery; Paul Holberton Publishing London; London c2014

Egon Schiele : women

Richard Nagy Richard Nagy Ltd. London [2011]

Eight blocks or a field : Kate Davis

Kate Davis Creative Scotland; Kunstsiftung NRW [Edinburgh, Glasgow; Dusseldorf] [2013]

El futuro del pasado : variaciones sobre una modernidad obsoleta = the future of the past : variations on an obsolete currency : Sylvia Suárez, David Peña

Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2012

El sujeto vulnerable : nociones psicoanalíticas al tamiz de la obra de Miguel Angel Rojas

Nydia Gutiérrez Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia Bogotá 2013

Electromagnetic phenomenon : portrait of a broadcaster : Donal Dineen 2010 : a Garrett Phelan reflux delux

Garrett Phelan [The Context Gallery?] [Derry?] [2010]

Elisabeth Scherffig : vitrea

Elisabeth Scherffig London 2011

Ellen Gallagher

Ellen Gallagher Institute of Contemporary Art Boston 2001

Ellen Gallagher : AxME

Ellen Gallagher Tate Publishing London 2013

Elly Strik : oracle

Hans Theys Tornado Editions Belgium 2009

Elsworth Kelly : drawing 1960 - 1962

Matthew Marks Matthew Marks Gallery New York c1999

Emily Speed : make shift

Emily speed Yorkshire Sculpture Park Wakefield 2011

Empenas : Andres Sandoval : silhuetas / vistas oeste / apresentacao

Andres Sandoval [Andres Sandoval?] [Sao Paulo?] c2014

End of love : a film by David Austen

David Austen Modern Art Oxford Oxford c2010

English drawing : from Samuel Cooper to Gwen John

Geoffrey Grigson Thames and Hudson [London] [1955?]

Enrico David

Michael Werner London c2013

Enrico David

Michael Werner New York c2012

Epstein : the Liverpool of Brian Epstein

Jeremy Deller Tate Liverpool Liverpool [2007]

Eric Baudelaire

Anne Ellegood Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2010

Erica Baum, Sara MacKillop

Rose Lejeune [Bischoff/Weiss] [London] [2012]

Erik Dietman : dessins sans regarder = drawings without looking

Dario Cimorelli Musee d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne Metropole; Silvana Editoriale Saint Etienne; Milan c2010

Ernesto Caivano : echo gambit

Tom Mortan White Cube London 2008

Erotism : death & sensuality

Georges Bataille City Lights Books San Francisco 1986

Erro : dessins = drawings

Musee d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne Metropole Saint-Etienne c2010

Escultura social : a new generation of art from Mexico City

Julie Rodrigues Widholm Museum of Contemporary Art; Yale University Press Chicago; New Haven 2007

Esra Ersen : moderna museet projekt

Esra Ersen Moderna Museet Stockholm 2002


Benedict De Spinoza Penguin London 1996

Ettienne-Marey : a passion for the Trace

Francois Dagognet Zone Books New York 1992

Ettore Spalletti : the paradise of the sublime : sculpture & drawing

Susan Daniel Arnolfini; Oriel Mostyn Bristol; Llandudno 1994

Eva Hesse 1965

Barry Rosen Hauser & Wirth London 2013

Eva Hesse drawing

Catherine de Zegher [The Drawing Center] [New York] [2006]

Eva Rothschild

The Showroom London [2001]

Evaporation essays : on the sculpture of Nina Canell

Melanie Bono Distanz Verlag GMBH Berlin c2010

Everything #4 (The Museum of Everything)

The Museum of Everything London 2011

Evil genius : the adventure the ecstasy the agony the supreme suspense

Olivia Plender [Castlefield Gallery?] [Manchester?] [2006?]

Excess : Graham Dolphin, Tom Gallant, Hancock&Kelly live, Izima Karou, Hetain Patel

Angel Row Gallery Nottingham 2007

exelento [Ellen Gallagher]

Ellen Gallagher [Gagosian Gallery] [New York] [2004]

Exit 08

Mads Damsbo Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen 2008

Exodus : between promise and fulfilment

Paul Allitt [Kettle’s Yard] [Cambridge] [2003]

Explorations in spatiality

John Stell Spatiality in Design, University of Leeds Leeds 2006