Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

Collector collecting

Maria do Mar Guinle Gallery 32 London 2009

Color fields

Pierre de Weck Guggenheim berlin Berlin 2011

Coloring book : Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra Bom Dia Books [Berlin] [s.d.]

Come closer

Bob Cotton Arts Institute at Bournemouth England 2007

Comics, manga & co. : the new culture of German comics

Andreas Platthaus Grafisches Centrum Cuno Calbe

Comme le reve le dessin

Philippe-Alain Michaud Editions du Centre Pompidou; Editions du Louvre Paris c2005

Compass in hand : selections from the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection

Christian Rattemeyer The Museum Of Modern Art New York 2009

Con-text-work: new works by Karoly Keseru

Karoly Keseru Patrick Heide Contemporary Art London 2013

Conceptual art

Tony Godfrey Phaidon London 1998

Conceptualism in Latin America : didactics of liberation

Luis Camnitzer University of Texas Press Austin 2007

Connecting lines : artists talk about drawing [CD]

Cathy Courtney National Life Stories (The British Library) London c2010

Consider the lobster : and other essays

David Foster Wallace Abacus London 2005


Contemporary art Brazil

Leon de la Barra TransGlobe Publishing London 2011

Contemporary art from Pakistan

Hammad Nasar Asia House, Manchester Art Gallery, Shisha UK 2006

Contemporary drawing : from the 1960s to now

Katherine Stout Tate Publishing London 2014

Corneila Parker [with a foreword by Yoko Ono]

Iwona Blazwick Thames & Hudson London 2013

Cornelius Cardew 1936-1981 : a life unfinished : by John Tilbury

Cornelius Cardew Copula Essex 2008

Cornelius Cardew 1936-1981 : a reader collection for Cornelius Cardew’s published writings : introduced by Michael Parsons

Cornelius Cardew Anotny Rowe Ltd Wiltshire 2006

Corporate mentality : an archive documenting the emergence fo recent practices within a cultural sphere occupied by both business and art by Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir Lukas & Sternberg New York c2003


Thomas Bernhard Vintage London 2003

Correspondances : Martin Barre, James Brooks, Corinne Laroche

Charles-Arthur Boyer Galerie Laurent Mueller Paris c2012

Coup de ville : attracted by another level

Borgerhoff & Lamberigts Gent [2013]

Cranford collection 01

Andrew Renton Cranford Collection Guernsey 2008

Creamier : contemporary art in culture.


Creative fashion illustration : how to develop your own style

Stuart McKenzie Bloomsbury London c2014

Cuadernos de dibujos = sketchbooks [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono Bienal de Sao Paulo São Paulo 1998

Cult fiction : art and comics

Paul Gravett Hayward Publishing London c2007

Curiosity : art and the pleasures of knowing

Brian Dillon Hayward Publishing London [2013]

Da thirst : three [Claire Boyd, Lactacia Burrito, Connie Butler, Merlin Carpenter, Matt Copson, Benedict Drew, Plastique Fantastique, Lachlan Finlay, Andy Holden, Yussef Hu, Sanna Linell, Sophie Littman, Alastair Mackinven Isabel Mallet Jennifer Martin Joel Metrybo Dan Mitchell Andrew Munks Martyn Noreika Lawrence Pardoe Mathew Parkin Rose Rowson Alex Springer Mark Titchner Dante Rendle Traynor Dan Venn Simon Werner Tom Worsfold

Clarie Boyd [s.n.] [s.l.] [s.d.]

Dachdecker im CS : Alexander Roob

Werner Mayer Stadtische Galerie Goppingen Goppingen c1992

Damian Moppet : the visible work

Jenifer Paparo Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver c2005

Damian Ortega : survival of the idea, failure of the object : sketches and projects 1991 - 2007 = Supervivencia de la idea, fracaso del objeto : apuntes y proyectos 1991 - 2007

Friedrich Meschede Hatje Cantz Ostfildern c2007

Damien Hirst : forgotten promises

Millicent Wilner Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong c2011

Damien Roach : neuer Aachener Kunstverein

Melanie Bono NAK/Sies+Höke Düsseldorf 2007

Damien Roach : the deepness of puddles

Damien Roach ampersand; Gasworks London [2006]

Dan Perfect : dæmonology

John-Paul Stonard Karsten Schubert London 2010

Danica Dakic

Emily Gonzalez Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2011

Daniel Dezeuze : la vie amoureuse des plantes

Claire Stoullig Editions du Centre Pompidou Paris c1992

Daniel Guzman : la cuenta de los dias

[Tumbona Ediciones?] [Escandon?] c2011

Daniel Guzman : lost & found

KM Editorial; Eungie Joo [Mexico D.F.;?] c2006

Daniel Guzman : materia oscura

[Kurimanzutto] [Mexico D.F.] c2011

Darrell Viner : ‘the grind’ (1984) [DVD]

Darrell Viner [Arts Council?] [London?] [1984?]

Darrell Viner : air moves

[The Royal Festival Hall] [London] [1998?]

David Austen

Emma Dean Milton Keynes Gallery Milton Keynes c2007

David Austen

David Austen [City of Nottingham?; Arts Council?] [Nottingham?; London?] [1989?]

David Austen

David Austen [Anthony Reynolds Gallery] [London] c1988

David Austen : dark days

David Austen CALENDER 2011

David Austen : froth on the daydream

David Austen Broken Glass London 2005

David Austen : green electric morning

David Austen Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh 2006

David Austen : objects and images from the edge of the world

David Austen Wolsey Art Gallery Ipswich 2001

David Austen : paintings and works on paper

Ruth Charity Mead Gallery Warwick 1997

David Batchelor : flatlands

David Batchelor Fruitmarket Gallery; Spike Island Edinburgh; Bristol [2013]

David Batchelor : flatlands [pamphlet]

David Batchelor The Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh 2013

David Bellingham : some things

David Bellingham Glasgow Press Glasgow 2013

David Choe

Lazarides gallery [London] c2008

David Connearn : five drawings

David Connearn Victoria Miro Gallery London 1989

David Haines : selected works 2008 - 2014

Terry van Druten [Upstream Gallery] [Amsterdam] c2014

David Hockney 1960-1968 : a marriage of styles

Alex Farquharson Nottingham Contemporary Nottingham c2009

David Hockney : a drawing retrospective

Ulrich Luckhardt Thames and Hudson London c1995

David Hockney : drawing in a printing machine

David Hockney [Annely Juda Fine Art] [London] [2009]

David Hockney : some drawings of family, friends, and best friends, 1993-1994

David Hockney Jonathan Silver Shipley c1994

David Hockney : space and line

David Hockney [Annely Juda Fine Art; Richard Gray Gallery] [London; New York] [1999]

David Musgrave : art now at Tate Britain

David Musgrave Tate Britain London 2003

David Rayson : somewhere else is here

Michael Harrison Kettle's Yard Cambridge 2003

David Shrigley : brain activity

David Shrigley Hayward Publishing London [2012]

David Smith : the drawings

Paul Cummings [Whitney Museum of American Art] [New York] c1979

David Ward : slow time

Suzanne Cotter John Hansard Gallery Southampton 2009

Dawn in wonderland & other stories : Brian Dawn Chalkley

Brian Dawn Chalkley Galerie Horst Schuler Düsseldorf 2013

Day wears : Aleana Egan : leaves & papers 17

The Douglas Hyde Gallery Dublin c2012

Day-to-day data

Ellie Harrison Angel Row Gallery Nottingham 2005

De Beuys a Trockel : dessins contemporains du Kunstmuseum de Bale

Dieter Koepplin Editions du Centre Pompidou; Musee national d'art moderne Paris c1996

De Kooning : the women : works on paper 1947-1954

Jennifer Vorbach C&M Arts New York c1995

De mar en mar : the sea works of Tacita Dean

Vicente Todoli Fundacion Botin Santander [2014]

Dean Jokanovic Toumin : la ligne come dimension de l’espace

[Musee d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne Metropole; Un, Deux… Quatre Editions] [Saint-Etienne; s.l.] c2006

Decadence of the nude

Pierre Klossowski Black Dog London c2002

Degas by himself : drawings, prints, paintings, writings

Richard Kendall Time Warner Books UK London c2004

Delirious New York : a retroactive manifesto for Manhattan [Rem Koolhaas]

Rem Koolhaas The Monacelli Press [New York] [1994]

Dependent rational animals

Roxy Walsh Towner Eastbourne 2013

Derek Boshier : selected drawings 1960-1982

Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool 1983


Deriva [Mateo López]

Mateo López Casas Riegner Bogotá 2009

Derrida’s writing and difference : a readers guide

Sarah Wood Continuum London c2009

Derwent art prize 2013

[The Derwent Art Prize?] [s.l.] [2013?]

Derwent art prize 2014

[The Derwent Art Prize?] [s.l.] [2014?]

Desenhos [drawings] : A-Z : Coleccao Madeira Corporate Services

Adriano Pedrosa Coleccao Madeira Corporate Services Ilha da Madeira c2006

Dessins : acquisitions 1992-1996

Marie-Laure Bernadac Editions du Centre Pompidou; Musee national d'art moderne Paris c1996

Dessins d’expression figurative

Gerard Regnier Editions du Centre Pompidou; Musee national d'art moderne Paris 1981

Dessins surrealistes : visions et techniques

Beatrice Salmon Editions du Centre Pompidou Paris c1995

Destination : TRANSPLUTONIAfter

[s.n.] [s.l.] [s.d.]

Detours margins : walking between worlds

Art Exchange 2011

Dialog mit der moderne : Fritz Wotruba und die Sammlung Kamm = dialogue with the modern : Fritz Wotruba and the Kamm collection

Matthias Haldemann [Matthias Haldemann?]; [Kunsthaus Zug?]; [Balmer Verlag?] [Zug?] [1998]

Diana Al-Hadid

Anne Ellegood Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2010

Diana Cooper : hew locke

Kate Macfarlane The Drawing Room London c2004

Diango Hernandez : the book of waves

Andrew Renton Marlborough Contemporary London [2015]

Diario de motocicleta : taller portátil no. 025 = motorcycle diary : laptop shop no. 025 [Mateo López]

Mateo López Casas Riegner Bogotá 2007

Diary drawings : mentall illness and me [Bobby Baker]

Bobby Baker Profile Books London 2010

Dibujando America

Gilda Mantilla

Dibujar : Marcela Cárdenas, Angélica María Zorrila

Lucrecia Piedrahita Orrego [La Doble Elle?] [Medellín?] [2011]

Dibujo sobre papel = drawing on paper [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono [s.n.] [s.l.] 2004

Dibujos con renglones = drawings with lines 2011 2012 : José Antonio Suárez Londoño

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono Casas Riegner Bogotá 2012

Die grafische sammlung im Museum Folkwang

Edition Folkwang; Steidl Gottingen c2010

Die Kultivierung von Eigensinnigkeit : Werner Reiterer

Salon Verlag Cologne c2000

Diez dibujos en la viga de Palinuro Libros Leídos = ten drawings in the beam of Palinuro Libros Leídos [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono [s.n.] [Medellín] [2005]

Dinos Chapman : they teach us nothing

White Cube; FUEL London c2011

Direcção: escultura : towards sculpture

Rui Sanches [The Modern Art Centre José de Azeredo Perdigão] [Lisbon] 1998

Dirk Bell : 69

Dirk Bell Kunstverein Bremerhaven Bremerhaven 2006

Dirty literature x electra x National Portrait Gallery

Fatima Hellberg Electra London [2011]

Diving trips drawing as reportage

Berg Stephan Kunstverein Hannover 2005

Do Ho Suh : drawings

Rochelle Steiner Delmonico Books, Prestel Munich 2014

Doce artistas Colombianos

Jaime Ceron [UBS?] [Bogotá?] 2008

Documenta 6 : kassel 1977

Paul Dierichs KG & Co Kassel [1977]

Doku/fiction : mouse on mars reviewed & remixed

Dietmar Dath Kunsthalle Dusseldorf Dusseldorf c2004

Dolven Nerdrum

Claus Hagedorn-Olsen Horsens Kunstmuseum Lunden 1990

Donald Urquhart : invisible ideas : drawing 1977-2007

Donald Urquhart City Art Centre Edinburgh 2007

Donald Urquhart : “a present from the zoo”

Donald Urquhart [Schnittraum?] [Cologne] c2006

Donation Florence et Daniel Guerlain : dessins contemporains

Jonas Storsve Centre Pompidou Paris c2013

Don’t tread on me! : drawings : 1947-2004 [Leon Golub]

Leon Golub Ronald Feldman Fine Arts; Griffin Contemporary; Anthony Reynolds Gallery New York; Santa Monica; London c2004

Dorothea Rockburne : in my mind’s eye

Alicia G. Longwell [Parrish Art Museum] [Southampton, N.Y.] c2011

Dorothea Rockburne : indication drawings

Jill Newhouse Gallery New York c2013

Double album : Daniel Guzman with Steven Shearer

[New Museum] [New York] c2008

Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon Kunstverein Hannover Hannover 1998

Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon Tate Gallery Publishing Ltd. London 2000

Douglas Gordon : kidnapping

Douglas Gordon Stedeliijk Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven 1999

Dove Allouche : le soleil sous le mer = the sun under the sea

Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain; Lille Metropole Musee d'Art Moderne d'Art Contemporain et d'Art Brut Auvergne; Lille c2011

Dove Allouche : point triple

Editions Dilecta Paris c2013

Dr. Lakra

Amelia Hinojosa Editorial RM Mexico D.F. c2010


Erik Foss Museo de la Cuidad de Mexico [Mexico?] c2010

Draw : conversations around the legacy of drawing

Judith Winter mima: Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Middlesbrough Council Middlesbrough 2007


Azusa Shimizu Island Japan Co., Ltd. Tokyo 2011

Drawing : a tool for design

Eileen Adams The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2009

Drawing : history of an art

Jean Leymarie Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New 1979

Drawing : in and outside : writing

Peter Morrens RGAP Sheffield 2012

Drawing : interpretation / translation

Paul Coldwell University of the Arts, London London 2011

Drawing : it makes you think!

Elieen Adams The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2011

Drawing : the future : a symposium

Stephen Farthing University of the Arts, London London 2006

Drawing acts : studies in graphic expression and representation

David Rosand Cambridge University Press Cambridge c2002

Drawing and the body

Charlotte Hodes London College of Fashion London 2011

Drawing attention : selected world on paper from the Renaissance to Modernism : Art Gallery of Ontario

Katharine Lochnan Merrell Publishers Limited London c2008

Drawing biennial 2013

Drawing Room London [2013]

Drawing breath

Anne Taylor Wimbledon College of Art London 2007

Drawing from life. 1: drawing process

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London 2008

Drawing from life. 2: drawing space

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London 2008

Drawing from life. 3: drawing form

Eliza Williams Green Cardamom London 2008

Drawing from New York collections : the Italian renaissance

Jacob Bean The Metropolitan Museum Of Art New York 1965

Drawing from the modern 1880 - 1945

Jodi Hauptman The Museum Of Modern Art New York c2004

Drawing from the modern 1945 - 1975

Libby Hruska The Museum Of Modern Art New York 2005

Drawing from the modern 1975 - 2005

Jordan Kantor The Museum Of Modern Art New York c2005

Drawing inspiration

Deanna Petherbridge Abbot Hall Art Gallery Cumbria 2006

Drawing links

Kate Macfarlane The Drawing Room London c2006