Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

Blinky Palermo : retrospective 1964 -1977

Lynne Cooke Yale University Press; Dia Art Foundation New Haven & London; New York c2010

Bloomberg proposals [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Ingleby Gallery [Edinburgh] 2009

Blow up : new painting and photography

Alderson Ross St. Pauls Gallery Birmingham 2004

Blue republic

Blumfeld, an elderly batchelor [David Musgrave]

David Musgrave Four Corners Books London c2008

Bob Law : 16 drawings 1971

Lisson Gallery London c1971

Bob Law : a retrospective

Bob Law Ridinghouse London 2009

Bojan Šarčević

Bojan Sarcevic Skira Editore S.p.A Italy 2007

Bojan Šarčević : already vanishing

Emanuela Spinsanti Skira Editore S.p.A Milan 2007

Bojan Šarčević : kissing the back of your hand makes a sound like a wounded bird

Bojan Sarcevic BAWAG Foundation 2007

Bojan Šarčević : rhombic oath

Bojan Sarcevic Gunther-Peill-Stiftun Duren c2012

Bojan Šarčevic : to what extent should an artist understand the implications of his or her findings?

Bojan Šarčević Projects Arts Centre Dublin 2006

Bonnie Camplin : railway mania

James Beighton Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art Middlesbrough 2010

Bonnie Camplin : what of salty water

[Portikus] [Frankfurt am Main [2007?]


David Austen Djanogly Art Gallery Nottingham 1998

Braziers : international artists workshop 2006

Una Corrigan Braziers International Artists' workshop [s.l.] c2006

Breaking the rules : the printed face of the European avant garde 1900-1937

Stephen Bury The British Library London 2007

Breathing : Alice Channer

Andy Keate South London Gallery London 2012

Brice Marden drawings : the Whitney Museum of American Art Collection

Janie C. Lee Whitney Museum of American Art New York c1998

Bridget Riley

Paul Moorhouse Tate Publishing London 2003

Bridget Riley

Robert Kudielka Galerie Max Hetzler Berlin 2007

Bridget Riley : dialogues on art

Robert Kudielka Zwemmer London 1995

Bridget Riley : eight studies 1969 - 1972

Ridinghouse London 2014

Bridget Riley : paintings 1982 - 2000 and early works on paper

Dave Hickey PaceWildenstein New York 2000

Bridget Riley : paintings and related Works

Colin Wiggins National Gallery London 2010

Bridget Riley : reconnaissance

Lynne Cooke Dia Center for Arts New York c2001

Bridget Riley : studies 1984-95

Karsten Schubert; Ridinghouse London 2015

Briefe von Jean Tinguely an Paul Sacher une gemeinsame freunde = letters from Jean Tinguely to Paul Sacher and common friends

Margrit Hahnloser Benteli Publishers Berne c1996

Brigid McLeer: One + One

Brigid McLeer Highlanes Gallery

Brigida Baltar : o que e preciso para voar = and what I need to fly

Marcelo Campos 2011

Brigitte Waldach : Sturz = fall

Kunsthalle Emden Germany 2010

British art show 7 : in the days of the comet

Southbank Centre England 2010

British now : sculpture et autre dessins = sculpture and other drawings : Edward Allington, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Richard Long, David Tremlett, Alison Wilding, Bill Woodrow

Sandra Grand Marchand [Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal] [Montreal] c1988

Brontean abstracts : Cornelia Parker

The Bronte Society Keighley c2006

Bruce Nauman : drawings for installations

Sperone Westwater New York [2008]

Bruno Peinado : me, myself, and I

[Editions Loevenbruck] [Paris] c2008

Bubbles : volume 1 : spheres, microspherology

Peter Sloterdijk Semiotext(e) Los Angeles c2011

Bulletins of the serving library #3 Spring 2012

Stuart Bailey Dexter Sinister New York c2012

Bussard Ramjet : John Timberlake

Artwords Press; Artist Den Bosch London; Hertogenbosch c2009

Cabinets [Tim Braden, Andrea Buttner, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Barnaby Hosking, Ian Kiaer, Daniel Silver, Martin Westwood, Pippa Gatty, Neil Hedger, Dan Shaw-Town]

Jonathan Houlding [SE8] [London] [2009?]

Cahier de catechese [Daniel Lehan]

Daniel Lehan Dark Windows Press Rhos-on-Sea 2013

Cahiers intempestifs = unwanted books

John Dilnot I'lmpimerie Saint-Etienne 2010

Cai Guo-Qiang

Zacheta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki Warszawa 2005

Cai Guo-Qiang : the 7th Hiroshima art prize

Kamiya Yukie The Hiroshima City Musem of Contemporary Art Hiroshima c2008

California scheming1 : wake up and smell the Patchouli!

Jamie Stapleton Raven Row London 2013

Calligram : essays in new art history from France

Norman Bryson Cambridge University Press Cambridge 1988

Callum Innes : from memory

Fiona Bradley Hatje Cantz; The Fruitmarket Gallery Ostfildern; Edinburgh c2006

Card for CD’s : nevermind (lets go) [CD] [Pippa Gatty]

[s.n.] [s.l.] [2010]

Carl Andre : black wholes

Carl Andre Kunsthalle Basel Basel 2005

Carl Andre : poems

Lynn Kost JRP Ringier Zurich c2014

Carl Andre : sculpture 1958-1974

Carl Andre Kunsthalle Bern Switzerland 1975

Carl Plackman : sculpture, drawing, writing

Jane Patton Huddersfield Art Gallery Huddersfield 2007

Carla Filipe

Ulrich Lock London 2010

Carlfriedrich Claus : writings, signs, gesture

Ingrid Mossinger Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz; Wienand Verlag Chemnitz; Koln c2006

Carlos Amorales : germinal

JRP Ringier Zurich c2013

Carlos Bunga

Corrina Peipon Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2012

Carnegie Art Award, 2004

Bertmar Lars Carnegie Art Award Publishing Stockholm 2004

Carol Rama

Cristina Mundici Charta Milano c1999

Carol Rama : oltre l’opera grafica

Mara Folini [Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna] [Ascona] [2013]

Carola Bark

Lothar Romain Iniver.der Kunste Berlin Berlin 2001

Caroline Achaintre

[Camden Arts Centre] [London] [2014?]

Carsten Nicolai : anti reflex

Max Hollein Kunsthalle Frankfurt Frankfurt 2005

Carsten Nicolai : audio visual spaces

Antonio Somaini S.M.A.K Gent 2005/2006

Catalogue of the complete series of drawings by Max Beckmann for Goethe’s ‘Faust II’ : the property of the Bauersche Giesserei of Frankfurt-am-Main, which will be sold at auction by Sotheby & Co.

Sotheby's London [1971]

Ceal Floyer

Ceal Floyer Kunsthalle Bern Bern 1999

Ceal Floyer : Statens Museum fur Kunst

Ceal Floyer Statens Museum for Kunst 2002

Channa Horwitz : hello is not like I would say goodbye

Aanant & Zoo Berlin [2010?]

Channa Horwitz : searching/structures 1960-2007

Channa Horwitz Argo Books Berlin c2009

Channa Horwitz : works

Aanant & Zoo Berlin

Chantal Joffe

Victoria Miro [London] c2008

Chantal Joffe : night self-portraits

Louise Yelin Cheim & Read [New York] 2015

Chantal Joffe : the hard winter : August 30 - September 22, 2013

Galerie Forsblom Helsinki c2013

Charles Avery : the art atom

Charles Avery Atopia Projects Edinburgh/Rhode Island 2003

Charlotte Hodes : drawing skirts

Charlotte Hodes London College of fashion London 2007

Charlotte Hodes : fragmented images

Charlotte Hodes Wallace Collection London 2007


Arndt & Partner Berlin 2008

Chila Kumari Burman : fragments of my imagination

Paradox Singapore [s.d.]

Chinesische methode : die fotografik der New School of Wood Engraving

Thomas Ketelsen [Wallraf das Museum] [Cologne] c2012

Chloe Piene : drawings/dessins

Chloe Piene [Carre d'Art - Musee d'Art Contemporain de Nimes] [Nimes] c2007

Chris Ofili

Carol Becker Rizzoli International Publications, Inc. New York 2009

Chris Ofili : devil’s pie

Angela Choon Steidl; David Zwirner Gottingen; New York c2008

Chris Ofili : within reach

Beth Coleman Chris Ofili; Victoria Miro Gallery [?]; [London] 2003

Christiana Soulou : fractures

Yorgos Tzirtzilakis DESTE Foundation c2007

Christine Mackey : river work(s)

Christine Mackey Ignition Press Sligo 2008

Chromosome Damage

Daniel Guzman Drawing Room London 2015

Chu Enoki, Enoki Chu

White Rainbow London c2015

Cinq siècles de dessins (collections du Musee Jenisch) = five centuries of drawing (collections of the Musee Jenisch)

Gétaz Musee Jenisch Vevey 1997

City : the city does strange things to us [Sarah Silverwood]

Sarah Silverwood [Sarah Silverwood? [s.l.] [2011?]

Clare Burnett : folded

Clare Burnett Leighton House Museum Kensington 2011

Clare Stephenson

Laurence Figgis Transmission Gallery Glasgow 2004

Clases de dibujos no. 1 = drawing lessons no. 1 [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono SML Ediciones Medellín 2009

Classic essays on photography

Alan Trachtenberg Leete's Island Books Conneticut 1980

Claudia Scarsella : a Maurizio e a mio Padre

Claudia Wieser : poems of the right angle

Joanna Kleinberg The Drawing Centre New York 2010

Claudia Wieser und Bernd Ribbeck : ich und du

Oldenburger Kunstverein Argobooks Berlin 2009

Claudio Herrera : utopia/distopia

Herrera Claudio Talleres Trama Buenos Aires 2012


Alan Johnston Cairn Editions Ireland 2003

Colin Self : art in the nuclear age

Simon Martin Pallant House Gallery Chichester 2008

Collection art graphique

Agnes de la Beaumelle Editions du Centre Pompidou [Paris] 2008

Collective 1984 - 2009

Collective Gallery Edinburgh 2007

Collector collecting

Maria do Mar Guinle Gallery 32 London 2009

Color fields

Pierre de Weck Guggenheim berlin Berlin 2011

Coloring book : Dr. Lakra

Dr. Lakra Bom Dia Books [Berlin] [s.d.]

Come closer

Bob Cotton Arts Institute at Bournemouth England 2007

Comics, manga & co. : the new culture of German comics

Andreas Platthaus Grafisches Centrum Cuno Calbe

Comme le reve le dessin

Philippe-Alain Michaud Editions du Centre Pompidou; Editions du Louvre Paris c2005

Compass in hand : selections from the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection

Christian Rattemeyer The Museum Of Modern Art New York 2009

Con-text-work: new works by Karoly Keseru

Karoly Keseru Patrick Heide Contemporary Art London 2013

Conceptual art

Tony Godfrey Phaidon London 1998

Conceptualism in Latin America : didactics of liberation

Luis Camnitzer University of Texas Press Austin 2007

Connecting lines : artists talk about drawing [CD]

Cathy Courtney National Life Stories (The British Library) London c2010

Consider the lobster : and other essays

David Foster Wallace Abacus London 2005


Contemporary art Brazil

Leon de la Barra TransGlobe Publishing London 2011

Contemporary art from Pakistan

Hammad Nasar Asia House, Manchester Art Gallery, Shisha UK 2006

Contemporary drawing : from the 1960s to now

Katherine Stout Tate Publishing London 2014

Corneila Parker [with a foreword by Yoko Ono]

Iwona Blazwick Thames & Hudson London 2013

Cornelius Cardew 1936-1981 : a life unfinished : by John Tilbury

Cornelius Cardew Copula Essex 2008

Cornelius Cardew 1936-1981 : a reader collection for Cornelius Cardew’s published writings : introduced by Michael Parsons

Cornelius Cardew Anotny Rowe Ltd Wiltshire 2006

Corporate mentality : an archive documenting the emergence fo recent practices within a cultural sphere occupied by both business and art by Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir Lukas & Sternberg New York c2003


Thomas Bernhard Vintage London 2003

Correspondances : Martin Barre, James Brooks, Corinne Laroche

Charles-Arthur Boyer Galerie Laurent Mueller Paris c2012

Coup de ville : attracted by another level

Borgerhoff & Lamberigts Gent [2013]

Cranford collection 01

Andrew Renton Cranford Collection Guernsey 2008

Creamier : contemporary art in culture.


Creative fashion illustration : how to develop your own style

Stuart McKenzie Bloomsbury London c2014

Cuadernos de dibujos = sketchbooks [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono Bienal de Sao Paulo São Paulo 1998

Cult fiction : art and comics

Paul Gravett Hayward Publishing London c2007

Curiosity : art and the pleasures of knowing

Brian Dillon Hayward Publishing London [2013]

Da thirst : three [Claire Boyd, Lactacia Burrito, Connie Butler, Merlin Carpenter, Matt Copson, Benedict Drew, Plastique Fantastique, Lachlan Finlay, Andy Holden, Yussef Hu, Sanna Linell, Sophie Littman, Alastair Mackinven Isabel Mallet Jennifer Martin Joel Metrybo Dan Mitchell Andrew Munks Martyn Noreika Lawrence Pardoe Mathew Parkin Rose Rowson Alex Springer Mark Titchner Dante Rendle Traynor Dan Venn Simon Werner Tom Worsfold

Clarie Boyd [s.n.] [s.l.] [s.d.]

Dachdecker im CS : Alexander Roob

Werner Mayer Stadtische Galerie Goppingen Goppingen c1992

Damian Moppet : the visible work

Jenifer Paparo Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver c2005

Damian Ortega : survival of the idea, failure of the object : sketches and projects 1991 - 2007 = Supervivencia de la idea, fracaso del objeto : apuntes y proyectos 1991 - 2007

Friedrich Meschede Hatje Cantz Ostfildern c2007

Damien Hirst : forgotten promises

Millicent Wilner Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong c2011

Damien Roach : neuer Aachener Kunstverein

Melanie Bono NAK/Sies+Höke Düsseldorf 2007

Damien Roach : the deepness of puddles

Damien Roach ampersand; Gasworks London [2006]

Dan Perfect : dæmonology

John-Paul Stonard Karsten Schubert London 2010

Danica Dakic

Emily Gonzalez Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2011

Daniel Dezeuze : la vie amoureuse des plantes

Claire Stoullig Editions du Centre Pompidou Paris c1992

Daniel Guzman : la cuenta de los dias

[Tumbona Ediciones?] [Escandon?] c2011

Daniel Guzman : lost & found

KM Editorial; Eungie Joo [Mexico D.F.;?] c2006

Daniel Guzman : materia oscura

[Kurimanzutto] [Mexico D.F.] c2011

Darrell Viner : ‘the grind’ (1984) [DVD]

Darrell Viner [Arts Council?] [London?] [1984?]

Darrell Viner : air moves

[The Royal Festival Hall] [London] [1998?]

David Austen

Emma Dean Milton Keynes Gallery Milton Keynes c2007

David Austen

David Austen [City of Nottingham?; Arts Council?] [Nottingham?; London?] [1989?]

David Austen

David Austen [Anthony Reynolds Gallery] [London] c1988

David Austen : dark days

David Austen CALENDER 2011

David Austen : froth on the daydream

David Austen Broken Glass London 2005

David Austen : green electric morning

David Austen Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh 2006