Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

The galleries book

Royal Academy of Arts London 2002

The gaze of Orpheus : and other literary essays

Maurice Blanchot Station Hill New York c1981

The golden bough

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane Dublin

The good drawing

Colette Meacher CCW Graduate School London

The gray cloth : Paul Scheerbart’s novel on glass architecture

Paul Scheerbart MIT Press London; Cambridge, Mass. 2001

The head and the hand : nine texts on illustration [Stina Lofgren]

Stina Lofgren Studio Operative London [s.d.]

The hearing trumpet

Leonora Carrington Penguin London 2005

The history of sculpture : Georgina Starr

Georgina Starr [Cooper Gallery?] [Dundee?] [2013?]

The house of fairy tales

The House of Fairy Tales London 2008

The infinite line : re-making art after modernism

Briony Fer Yale University Press New Haven; London c2004

The information : a history, a theory, a flood

James Gleick Fourth Estate London 2011

The inhabited land : etchings, drawings and watercolours by R.T. Cowern RA (1913-1986)

Morgan Feely [Royal Academy of Arts] [London] [2004?]

The intangibilities of form : skil and deskilling in art after the readymade

John Roberts Verso London, New York 2007

The islanders : Charles Avery

Charles Avery Koenig Books London 2008

The Jerwood drawing prize 2002

Karen Bateson The Jerwood Drawing Prize Cheltenham/ London/ Brimingham/ Glasgow/ Hull/ Manchester 2002/2003

The Jerwood drawing prize 2003

[Wimbledon School of Art; University of Gloucestershire; Jerwood] [London; Cheltenham; London] [2003]

The Jerwood drawing prize 2004

[Wimbledon School of Art; University of Gloucestershire; Jerwood] [London; Cheltenham; London] [2004]

The Jerwood drawing prize 2005

Roderick Bugg The Jerwood Drawing Prize London/ Cheltenham/ Glasgow/ Cardiff/ Poole 2005

The Jerwood drawing prize 2007

Karen Bateson [Jerwood Drawing Prize, Wimbledon College of Art] London c2007

The Jerwood drawing prize 2010

Anita Taylor The Jerwood Drawing Prize London/ Cheltenham/ Berkshire/ Carmarthen/ Durham 2010/2011

The Jerwood drawing prize 2011

Shonagh Manson The Jerwood Drawing Prize London/ Cardifff/ Devon 2011

The Jerwood drawing prize 2012

Shonagh Manson The Jerwood Drawing Prize London/ Hastings/ Birmingham/ Poole 2012

The Jerwood drawing prize 2014

Anita Taylor [The Jerwood Drawing Prize] [London] [2014]

The Judith Rothschild Foundation contemporary drawings collection: catalogue raisonne

Christian Rattemeyer The Museum Of Modern Art New York c2009

The kindness of women

J.G. Ballard Harper Perennial London 2008

The knight turns its head and laughs : Lizi Sanchez & Tom Hackney

Stephen Lawrence Gallery Greenwich c2011

The laundry room [Richard Wentworth, Michael Marriott]

Balin House Projects London 2013

The legacy of Hilma af Klint : nine contemporary responses

Daniel Birnbaum Moderna Museet; Koenig Books [Stockholm]; Koln c2013

The long loch : how do we go on from here? : Faith Wilding and Kate Davis

Francis McKee Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow 2010

The magic of a line : drawings by Dame Laura Knight RA

Rebecca Virag [Royal Academy of the Arts] [London] [2008?]

The Marmite prize for painting 2010

Susak Press Ashton-under-Lyne/Coventry/London 2010

The Marmite prize for painting 2012/13

Susak Press 2013

The marriage of Cadmus and Harmony

Roberto Calasso Vintage London 1994

The mathematical theory of communication

Claude E. Shannon University of Illinois Press Urbana 1963

The meaning of flowers : Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir [Sternberg Press] [Berlin] [2006]

The mermaid and the lion : and other stories [Sarah Taylor Silverwood]

Sarah Taylor Silverwood Sarah Taylor Silverwood [s.l.] c2013

The mind in the cave : consciousness and the origins of art

David Lewis-Williams Thames & Hudson London 2002

The modern culture of Latin America : society and the artist

Jean Franco Penguin Texas 1970

The modern drawing : 100 works on paper from The Museum of Modern Art

John Elderfield The Museum of Modern Art New York 1983

The Moire effect

Lytle Shaw Bookhorse & Cabinet Books Zurich c2012

The more I draw : drawing as a concept for the world

Eva Schmidt Germany 2010

The mothers in Faust : the myth of time and creativity

Harold Jantz The John Hopkins Press Baltimore c1969

The museum show part 1

The naked truth : Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and other scandals

Tobias G. Natter Prestel Munich c2005

The Nakeds

Kate Macfarlane Drawing Room London 2014

The national collection of contemporary drawing : volume 1

Paul O'Reilly Limerick City Gallery of Art Cork 1996

The Norwegian art yearbook

Poland 2012

The October colouring-in book : by David Batchelor

David Batchelor Common-editions London 2015

The one year drawing project : May 2005 - October 2007

Muhanned Cader Raking Leaves London and Colombo 2008

The Open drawing exhibition : Cheltenham 2000

Andrew Brighton [Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education; The Summerfield Charitable Trust] [Cheltenham; Cirencester] [2000?]

The open work

Umberto Eco Harvard University Press Cambridge, Massachusetts c1980

The order of things an anthology of Scottish sound, pattern and concrete poems

Ken Cockburn Canongate Venture Edinburgh 2001

The originality of the avant-garde and other modernist myths

Rosalind E. Krauss MIT Press Cambridge, M.A. 1986

The Palaver

Gad Hollander Book Works London

The passenger : Marijn van Kreij

Paul Andriesse Paul Andriesse Amsterdam 2011

The past persists in the present in the form of a dream [Paula Roush]

Paula Roush msdm [s.l.] [s.d.]

The peripatetic school : itinerant drawing from Latin America

Tanya Barson Ridinghouse; Drawing Room London 2011

The pillow book

Sei Shonagon Penguin London 2006

The poetics of space

Gaston Bachelard Beacon Press Boston 1969

The poetry of form : Richard Tuttle : drawings from the Vogel Collection

[Indianapolis Museum of Art; Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno] [Indianapolis; Valencia] c1992

The primacy of drawing

Deanna Petherbridge Yale New Haven & London c2010

The primacy of drawing: an artist’s view

Deanna Petherbridge South Bank Centre London c1991

The psychology of love

Sigmund Freud Penguin London 2006

The Public image

Muriel Spark Penguin Great Britain 1968

The question is really one of word and deed

Hardial Bains Progressive Cultural Association London 1997

The reality of the lowest rank : a vision of central Europe

Luc Tuymans Lannoo Tielt c2010

The remote viewing project

Karen Russo The Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv c2010

The responsibility of forms

Roland Barthes University of California Press Berkeley and Los Angeles c1985

The road to ruin : a lesson on temperance

Olivia Plender [2006?]

The royal art lodge : ask the dust dictionary of received ideas

The Drawing Center New York [2003]

The Russian avant-garde : representation and interpretation

Petrova Yevgenia Academic Council of the Sate Russian Museum St Petersburg 2001

The Russian experiment in art : 1863-1922

Marian Burleigh-Motley Thames and Hudson London 1962

The rustle of language

Roland Barthes University of California Press Berkeley and Los Angeles [1989]

The sailor who fell from grace with the sea

Yukio Mishima Vintage Books London 1999

The secret theory of drawing

Kate Macfarlane The Drawing Room London c2007

The seductiveness of the interval

Stefan Constantinescu La Biennale di Venezia Venice 2009

The sensory war : 1914-2014

Ana Carden-Coyne Manchester Art Gallery Manchester [2014]

The sexuality of Christ in Renaissance art and in modern oblivion

Leo Steinberg University of Chicago Press Chicago 1996

The shape of things : a philosophy of design

Vilem Flusser Reaktion books London 1999

The shape of time : remarks on the history of things

George Kubler Yale New Haven & London 1962

The Sharpest point: animation at the end of cinema

Chris Gehman 2005

The Silverman collection

Richard Nagy Richard Nagy Ltd. London [2012]

The song of the machines

Yu-Chen Wang Chinese Arts Centre Manchester 2012

The song of the machines : Yu-Chen Wang

Chinese Arts Centre Manchester 2012

The space age : poster book : Aleksandra Mir

Aleksandra Mir [Sternberg Press; Museum Leuven] [Berlin; Leuven] [2013?]

The space between

Michael Bracewell Ridinghouse London 2012

The space of literature

Maurice Blanchot University of Nebraska Press Lincoln c1982

The spiritual journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky : the creator of El Topo

Alejandro Jodorowsky Park Street Press Rochester, Vermont c2008

The stage of drawing : gesture and act : selected from the Tate Collection

Catherine de Zegher Tate Publishing; The Drawing Center London; New York 2003

The stones of Venice

John Ruskin Da Capo Press New York 1960

The story of writing

Andrew Robinson Thames and Hudson London 1995

The suffragettes in pictures

Diane Atkinson Sutton Publishing Gloucestershire 1996

The surreal house

Jane Alison Barbican Art Gallery; Yale Univeristy Press London; New Haven 2010

The tears of Eros

Georges Bataille City Lights Books San Francisco c1989

The Trenton Doyle handbook volume 1

Trenton Doyle Hancock PictureBox Inc. 2006

The unidexterous ambiverse [Tauba Auerbach]

Tauba Auerbach Institute of Contemporary Arts London c2014

The vanity press : Edinburgh Art Festival 2013 [Fiona Banner]

Fiona Banner The Vanity Press; Summerhall s.l. [2013?]

The visible and the invisble

Maurice Merleau-Ponty Northwestern University Press Evanston 1968

The Walters prize 2014

Clare McIntosh Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tamaki Auckland c2014

The wheel by Darrell J. Viner

Southern Arts, Winchester Gallery Winchester 1988

The women

Hilton Als The Noonday Press New York c1996

The work of Andy Warhol (Dia Art Foundation : discussions in contemporary culture : Number 3)

Gary Garrels Bay Press Seattle 1989

The writings of Robert Motherwell

Dore Ashton University of California Press Berkeley; Los Angeles c2007

Then and now : Edward Allington & Vaghan Grylls

James Putnam The Piper Gallery London 2012

Theorie des billdromans : Alexander Roob

Alexander Roob Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo Rom Rome c1997

Thinking is form : the drawings of Joseph Beuys

Ann Temkin Thames and Hudson New York 1993

Thomas Falstad

Thomas Falstad [Kulturradet] [Norway] c2014

Thomas Kiesewetter : 360 Mal Vorn

Georg Imdahl Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin 2010

Thomas Scheibitz : A.G.C.T.

Thomas Scheibitz Produzentengalerie Hamburg 2009

Thomas Scheibitz : about 90 elements

Thomas Scheibitz Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin 2008

Thomas Scheibitz : Ansicht und Plan von Toledo

Dieter Schwartz Kunstmuseum Winterthur/ Richter Verlag Düsseldorf 2001

Thomas Scheibitz : film, music and novel

Thomas Scheibitz oC

Thomas Scheibitz : the goldilocks zone

Thomas Scheibitz Walther König Köln 2008

Thomas Scheibitz F./TH.

Thomas Scheibitz Walther König Köln 2008

Three dots, three points of view, under one roof: C. K. Rajan, N. Durvasula, R. S. Kallat

Grant Watson Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke Mumbai 2008

Three steps on the ladder of writing

Helene Cixous Columbia University Press New York c1993

Tim Harrison : a distant place

Tim Harrison Tim Harrison [s.l.] 2013

Tim O’Riley : Accidental Journey

Tim O'Riley Ponsonby Press London 2010

Tim Rollins + k.o.s.

Kate Macfarlane Riverside Studios; Orchard Gallery London; Derry [1988]

Todd James : Blood & Treasure

Lazarides gallery [London] c2008

Together : the rituals, pleasures and politics of cooperation

Richard Sennett Yale University Press New Haven & London 2012

Tom Marioni

Corinna Peipon Hammer Los Angeles c2010

Tom Marioni : beer, art and philosophy: a memoir

Tom Marioni Crown Point Press San Francisco 2003

Tom Marioni : trees and birds, 1969-1999

Marcia Tanner Mills College Art Museum Oakland, California 1999

Tomas Schmit : daadgalerie/ sprengel museum

Tomas Schmit Berliner Künstlerprogramm des Daad

Tomas Schmit : Dreizehn Montagsgesprache

Wilma Lukatsch Weins Verlag Berlin 2008

Tomas Schmit : im portikus 1997

Tomas Schmit Portikus 1997

Tomas Schmit : Kolnischer Kunstverein

Weins Verlag Berlin 2009

Tomas Schmit : walther konig : Katalog 4

Tomma Abts

Laura Hoptman Phaidon London 2008

Tony Conrad : yellow movies

Christopher Muller [Galerie Daniel Buchholz; Greene Naftali Gallery] Cologne; New York c2008

Tony Cragg : at Goodwood

Tony Cragg Cass Sculpture Foundation West Sussex 2005

Tony Cragg : in and out of material

Tony Cragg Walther König Köln 2007

Towards a philosophy of photography

Vilem Flusser Reaktion books London 2000

Tracey Emin : angel without you

Bonnie Clearwater Skira Rizzoli New York 2013

Tracey Emin : I need art like I need God

Jay Jopling London c1998

Tracey Emin : the last great adventure is you

[White Cube] [London] c2014

Tracey Emin : you left me breathing

Sarah Watson Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills c2008

Tracey Emin at Turner Contemporary : she lay down deep beneath the sea

Sarah Martin Turner Contemporary Margate c2012

Trans chaosmos facility

The Wasp Room Nottingham 2010

Transmission : the rules of engagement 5. Conroy/Sanderson&Gabriel Gbadamosi. Sun-Shine, Moonshine

Artwords Press London 2005

Travel guide : Matei Bejenaru

Matei Bejenaru Galeria Posibila [Bucharest] 2007

Trenton Doyle Hancock

James Cohan Gallery

Trenton Doyle Hancock : the wayward thinker

Trenton Doyle Hancock The Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh 2007

Trenton Doyle Hancock : work while it is day

Trenton Doyle Hancock Dunn and Brown Contemporary Texas 2010

Tristram Shandy

Laurence Sterne Alfred A. Knopf New York c1991

Troika : the far side of reason

Jean Wainwright Troika [London?] 2014

Troy Brauntuch

Lionel Bovier JRP Ringier Zurich c2010

Tunga : dessins érotiques

Catherine Millet Galerie Daniel Templon Paris 2007


Judith Hopf Frankfurt