Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

Sigmar Polke : arbeiten auf papier 1963-1974

Margit Rowell Hatje Cantz Verlag Ostfildern c1999

Signes de la jeune creation graphique en France = The new generation of graphic design in France

Michel Wlassikoff [Editions du Centre Pompidou; Mithra Productions] [Paris;?] [2001]


John Cage Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd London c2011

Silent notation : Matt Rugg

Phyllida Barlow Chelsea Space London [2011]

Silke Helmerdig : pavement drawings

Berlin 2012

Silvia Buonvicini

Musee Jenisch Vevey [2011]

Simon Callery

Simon Callery Specialblue London 01/01/00

Simon Callery : paintings 1995-96

Chrisopher Bucklow A. Wilkinson Fine Art London 1996

Simon Callery : Segsbury project

Paul Bonaventura Dover Castle Dover 2003

Simon Faithfull : going nowhere

Simon Faithfull Film and Video Umbrella London

Simon Faithfull : ideas

Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithfull : King’s Cross, a pictorial guide

Simon Faithfull

Simon Faithfull : Liverpool-to-Liverpool

Simon Faithfull Liverpool University Press Liverpool 2010

Simon Lewis: The Book of Soundings

Simon Lewis Germany 2007

Simon Lewty : the self as a stranger

Black Dog Publishing London 2010

Simon Lewty : the self as a stranger

Simon Lewty Art First London 2008

Simon Starling

Gail Kirkpatrick Städtische Ausstellungshalle Am Hawerkamp Münster 2004

Simon Starling : project for a masquerade (Hiroshima) the mirror room

Simon Starling The Modern Institute Glasgow 2010

Site unseen : Terry Smith

Emma Hill EMH Arts/Eagle Graphics London 1997

Situacionistas : arte, politica, urbanismo = Situationists, art, politics, urbanism

Libero Andreotti Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona [Barcelona?] c1996

Six drawing lessons : William Kentridge

William Kentridge Harvard University Press Cambridge, MA. 2014

Six memos for the next millennium

Italo Calvino Penguin Classics London 2009

Six veils : Sam Messenger

Davidson Contemporary New York [2011]

Six veils : Sam Messenger

Sam Messenger Davidson Contemporary New York c2011

Skypetrait : transcontinental faces

Maggie McCormick Maggie McCormick, Henning Eichinger Reutlingen 2013

Sleepwalkers [Clodagh Emoe, Sean Lynch, Gavin Murphy, Linda Quinlan, Jim Ricks, Lee Welch]

Michael Dempsey Ridinghouse; Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane London; Dublin 2015

SLG 1 : 01 - 03 | 2002

South London Gallery London 2002

Slow revolution : Sean Kaye & Jenny West

Wild Pansy Press [Leeds] 2010

Small finds

Tania Kovats Peer London c2006

Sobre papel : on paper

Estrella de Diego Centro de artevisuales Fundacion Helga de Avear Caceres Caceres c2013

Social club

Pavel Buchler galleri s.e Bergen 2004

Sohrab : extra life

Paul Carey-Kent Budbury [s.l.] 2013

Sol LeWitt : structures 1962 - 1993 : the museum of modern art, Oxford

Sol LeWitt Museum of Modern Art Oxford [1993]

Some other time : Nicky Coutts

Nicky Coutts [VARC?] [s.l.] [2009?]

Sonic Boom: the art of sound

Susan Ferleger Brades Hayward Gallery London 2000

Sontag Montag : Susan Morris

Deirdre O'Dwyer Five Years London c2009

Sophie Ernst : home: architecture of memory

Sophie Ernst Yorkshire Sculpture Park Wakefield 2012

Sophie Jodoin : I felt a cleaving in my mind = J’ai senti une fissure dans mon esprit

Susannah Wesley [Battat Contemporary] [Montreal] [2011]

Sophie Jodoin : war series

Susannah Wesley [Battat Contemporary] [Montreal] [2009]

Sophie von Hellermann : forest road

Megan Lang 38th Street Publishers New York 2009

Sophie von Hellermann : judgement day

Sophie von Hellermann Koenig Books London 2006

Sorcieres : pourchassees, asumees, puissantes, queer = witches : hunted, appropriated, empowered, queered

Anna Colin Editions B42 Paris c2012

Space revised # 1-4

Eva Birkenstock GAK Bremen 2009

Spacex : exhibitions and events Winter 2013/14

[Spacex] [Exeter] [2013]

Spare time : ideal places to be

Spare Time Job Centre, Chisenhale Gallery London 2003

Spatial imagination : Faye Carey, Nat Chard, Katja Grillner, Rory Hamilton, Penelope Haralambidou, Christine Hawley, Jonathan Hill, Brigid Mc Leer, Yeoryia Manolopoulou, Metaphor, Stuart Munro, Platform, Peg Rawes, Jane Rendell, Jon Rogers

Peg Rawes Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL London c2005

Species of spaces and other pieces

Georges Perec Penguin Classics London 2008

Spreeksel, sputterance [Rene Daniels]

Rene Daniels De Pont museum vor hedendagse kunst Tilburg 2007

Spring rain : Becky Beasley

Becky Beasley Spike Island; Leeds City Art Gallery; Laura Bartlett Gallery; Francesca Minini Bristol; Leeds; London; Milan [2013?]

Star track : Pippa Gatty

Pippa Gatty [Pippa Gatty] [s.l.] [s.d.]

Start with drawing

Eileen Adams Lever Faberge Limited s.l. 2004

Stefan Gant : drawing expanded (works 2006 - 2012)

Stefan Gant Galeri Caernarfon 2012

Stephana McClure : the shape of time

Jill Baroff Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim 2006

Stéphanie Nava : considering a plot : dig for victory

Stéphanie Nava Centre d'art contemporain de la Ferme du Buisson & Noisiel at Centre d'art Passerelle, Brest Noisiel & Brest 2008

Stephen Brandes : klutz paradise

Stephan Brandes Gallangher Gallery Ireland 9

Stephen Buckley : selected works 1972-1991

Stephen Buckley Austin Desmond Fine Art London 2010

Steve Roden : I speak through a hole in my head…

arieto editions 2000

Steve Roden : seamarks

Steve Roden San Francisco Art Institute San Francisco 2005

Stewart Helm : paintings

Galerie Timothy Tew Atlanta [s.d]

Stood up : David Austen

Rupert Thomson Peer London 2004

Street art : the graffiti revolution

Cedar Lewisohn Tate London 2008

Structures of the sublime : towards a greater understanding of chaos

Robert Wyndam Bucknell Ingalls & Associates Miami 2005

Studio and cube : on the relationship between where art is made and where art is displayed

Brian O'Doherty Princeton Architectural Press 2008

Studio; define [Amelia Pemberton, Christabel Forbes, Mac Scott, Sophie Glover, Tallulah Pomeroy]

Sophie Glover [The Artists] [London] [2014]

Styles of radical will

Susan Sontag Penguin London 2009

Subliming the vessel : the drawings of Matthew Barney

Isabelle Dervaux Skira Rizzoli New York 2013

Submergentes : a drawing approach to masculinities

Johanna Calle [molaa] [Long Beach] [2011]

Sue Pam-Grant : fugitive lines

Rory Bester SMAC Art Gallery Stellenbosch c2011

Sun dial : night watch

Susan Morris [s.n.] [s.l.] [2015]

Sun Yan and Peng Yu

Karen Smith Hammer Museum Los Angeles 2013

Sunday night : an exhibition by Aleana Egan curated by Padraig E. Moore

Padraig E. Moore [Temple Bar Gallery & Studios] [Dublin] [2009]

Surrealist drawings

Frantisek Smejkal Octopus Books Limited London 1974

Surrealist women : an international anthology

Penelope Rosemont University of Texas Press Austin 1998

Susan Hefuna : pars pro toto

Hans Ulrich Obrist Kehrer Verag Heidelberg 2008

Susan Hefuna : pars pro toto II

Hans Ulrich Obrist Kehrer Verag Heidelberg 2009

Susan Morris : motion capture drawings

Margaret Iversen London Gallery West. University of Westminster London c2012

Susan Philipsz

Jacob Fabricius Malmö Konsthall Malmö 2005

Susan Rothenberg : paintings

Sperone Westwater New York [2011]

Susan Tiger : having

Susan Tiger Coombe Women's Hospital Dublin

Susan Turcot drawings 2003-2005 : complicity and the daily draw

Norman Bryson Moderne Kunst Nuremburg 2005

Susanna Heron : elements

Susanna Heron Mead Gallery Coventry 2003

Susie Macmurray

Gina Agnew Agnew's Gallery London

Suzanne Treister : 3 projects

Annely Juda Fine Art London c2008

Suzanne Treister : Hexen 2039 : new military-occult technologies for psychological warfare : a Rosalind Brodsky research programme

Suzanne Treister Black Dog London c2006

Suzanne Treister : in the name of art and other recent works

Suzanne Treister Annely Juda Fine Art London [2013]

Switzerland : and other Islands : political map, Politische Karte, 1 : 23 000 000 [Aleksandra Mir]

Aleksandra Mir Edition Fink, Verlag fur zeitgenossische Kunst Zurich 2006

Switzerland in SongEun reflections from nature

SongEun Art and Cultural Foundation Seoul c2012

Synth : 10 Artists From Glasgow

Mark Hamilton Kunstraum B/2 Leipzig 2004

Systemic observations : photo-performance by Natercia Caneira & PR [Paula Roush]

msdm [s.l.] [s.d.]

Tabaimo : boundary layer

Ziba Ardalan de Weck Parasol Unit London c2010

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean MACBA Barcelona 2000

Tacita Dean

Michael Hamburger Film and Video Umbrella [London] 2013

Tacita Dean

Jean-Christophe Royoux Phaidon London 2006

Tacita Dean : analogue : Zeichnungen = drawings 1991 - 2006

Theodora Vischer Steidl Gottingen 2006

Tacita Dean : c/o Jolyon

Konig Cologne c2013

Tacita Dean : seven books grey

Wolfram Pichler Steidl Gottingen 2011

Takehito Koganezawa : drawing

Takehito Koganezawa Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Berlin 2002

Tangled alphabets : León Ferrari and Mira Schendel

Luis Pérez-oramas The Museum Of Modern Art; Cosac Naify New York; São Paolo 2009

Tania Kovats

Jeremy Millar Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford Oxford c2010

Tania Kovats : offshore

Tania Kovats Newlyn Art Gallery Cornwall 2004

Tatiana Trouve

Heike Munder Walther Konig Cologne c2010

Tauba Auerbach : how to spell the alphabet

Tauba Auerbach Deitch Projects New York c2006

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want

Jan Verwoert Sternberg Press Berlin c2010

Tempest of stars : selected poems [with drawings by David Austen]

Jean Cocteau Enitharmon Press London 1992

Tempest of the stars : selected poems [with drawings by David Austen]

Jean Cocteau Enitharmon London 1992

Ten years of Henry Moore Institute exhibitions

Terry Smith : moving target

Jacqueline Goldberg Periferico Caracas / Arte Contemporaneo Caracas [2012?]

Terry Smith : the foundling

Terry Smith Workinprogress; EMH Arts London c2009

Terry Thompson : remain(s)

Terry Thompson [Uitgeverig De Toorts] Amsterdam c2015

Text-sound texts

Richard Kostelanetz William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York 1980

The activist drawing : retracing situationist architectures from Constant’s New Babylon to beyond

Catherine De Zegher The Drawing Center; The MIT Press New York; Cambridge, M.A. c2001

The animate! book : rethinking animation

Benjamin Cook Lux London 2006

The animators

Dean Deborah Angel Row Gallery Nottingham 06/01/05

The archive

Charles Merewether Whitechapel Gallery; MIT Press London; Cambridge, Mass. 2006

The armory show

Katelijine De Backer New York 2011

The art of Diana Cooper : beyond the line

Margo Crutchfield MOCA Cleveland 2007

The art of drawing : British masters and methods since 1600

Susan Owens V&A Publishing London 2013

The art of Jessica Voorsanger

Jean Wainwright Black Dog London c2014

The art of the animal, the art of the plant: an open letter to Kate Waters from Penny Florence

Penny Florence Newlyn Art Gallery Cornwall 2013

The art of walking : a field guide

David Evans Black Dog Publishing London 2012

The autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

Gertrude Stein Penguin London 1966

The bastard word : Fiona Banner

Fiona Banner The Power Plant Toronto 2007

The beachcombers : Geoffrey Farmer, Brian Jungen, Myfanwy MacLeod

Katherine Stout The Drawing Room London c2002

The body of drawing : drawing by sculptors

Gerlinde Gabriel The South Bank Centre [London] 1993

The budge row bibliotheque : Adam Dant

Adam Dant [Bloomberg Space] [London] [2015?]

The Cambridge companion to Deleuze

Daniel W. Smith Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2012

The Campaign for Drawing : …getting everyone drawing!

Eileen Adams The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2007

The catalogue of almost all the works done by Tomoko Takahashi (between 1985-2002)

Tomoko Takahashi [Kunsthalle Bern] Bern c2002

The Catlin guide 2014 : new artists in the UK

Justin Hammond Catlin Holdings; Justin Hammond [London; s.l.] [2014?]

The Centre for Drawing : the first year

Alexander Roob wimbledon school of Art London 2001

The collected poems of Frank O’Hara

Frank O'Hara University of California Press Berkeley and Los Angeles [1995]

The desire of the line : Ralph Hotere : figurative works

Kriselle Baker Auckland University Press Auckland 2005

The dog ate my homework : they why & what of the work of Chris Orr

Chris Orr [The Royal Academy of Arts] [London] [2003?]

The drawing attitude : transcriptions of conversations with five artists during May and June 2013 [Alison Carlier]

Alison Carlier [Alison Carlier?] [s.l.] [2013]

The drawing book: a survey of drawing : the primary means of expression

Tania Kovats Black Dog Publishing Ltd London 2005

The drawings of Henry Moore

Alan G. Wilkinson The Tate Gallery London c1977

The drawings of Jasper Johns

Nan Rosenthal National Gallery of Art, Washington; Thames and Hudson Washington; London 1990

The dream of Fluxus : George Maciunas : an artist’s biography

Thomas Kellein Edition Hansjorg Mayer London and Bangkok 2007

The elements of drawing

John Ruskin Dover Publications New York 1971

The emergence of cinematic time : modernity, contingency, the archive

Mary Ann Doane Harvard University Press Cambridge, MA. 2002

The empty drawing room

Olav Christopher Jenssen Gottinger Kunstverein Gottingen c2000

The end of the line : attitudes in drawing

Dillon Brian Hayward Publishing London 2009

The Europa triangle

Kit Hammonds Publish and be Damned Inprint (sic) London 2013

The everyday fantastic : David Rayson

Marlborough Fine Art London [2009]

The eye’s mind : Bridget Riley : collected writings 1965 - 1999

Robert Kudielka Thames & Hudson London 1999

The fall

Albert Camus Penguin London 2013

The fall of Professor M : Paul McDevitt and Declan Clarke

[Hunker Down?] [s.l.] [2015?]

The fall of sleep

Jean-Luc Nancy Fordham University Press New York c2009

The Fluxus reader

Ken Friedman Academy Editions Chichester 1998

The Frik collection

Franz W. Kaiser The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts Amsterdam 2005