Title Author First Name Author Last Name Publisher/Gallery Place of Publication Date of Publication

Pablo Bronstein : postmodern architecture in London

Pablo Bronstein Koenig Books London c2008

Painting and sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art : with selected works on paper :catalogue of the collection January 1, 1977

Alicia Legg The Museum of Modern Art New York c1977

Painting as model

Yve-Alain Bois MIT Press Cambridge, Mass. 1993

Panamarenko : Bernouilli II

Jon Thompson Biannual for Contemporary Art of Leuven Leauven 2001

PAPER : a Sonia Boyce project

Sonia Boyce [Rivington Place] [London] [2013]

Parade terra incognita

Indra Khanna Angel Row Gallery London 2007

Parallel visions (modern artists and outsider art)

Los Angeles Country Museum of Art Los Angeles 1992

Park, Seo-Bo : cabinet des dessins

Lorand Hegyi Musee d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne [2007?]

Pat Steir : drawing out of line

Harris Susan Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design Rhode Island 2010

Patrick Ward

Igor Spanjol Moderna Galeria Ljubljana c2007

Paul Celan : selected poems

Michael Hamburger Penguin Books London 1996

Paul Chiappe : series 2012

Colin Perry Carslaw St Lukes London c2012

Paul Coldwell : I called while you were out

Paul Coldwell Kettle's Yard Cambridge 2008

Paul Hamlyn Foundation yearbook 2010/11

Paul Housley : the boy is made of plastic

Paul Housley Art Editions Manchester 2005

Paul Insect : poison

Lazarides gallery [London] c2008

Paul Mccarthy & Benjamin Weissman : quilting sessions 1997-2008

Dario Cimorelli Silvana Editoriale Milano c2008

Paul McCarthy : between beauty and the beast : sculptures drawings and photographs

Tim Nye Tim Nye [New York] c2006

Paul McCarthy : brain box dream box

Eva Meyer-Hermann Van Abbemuseum ; Richter Verlag Eindhoven; Dusseldorf c2004

Paul McCarthy : Pinocchio

Laurence Gateau Réunion des musées nationaux Paris 2002

Paul McDevitt

Paul McDevitt Kerber Verlag Bielefeld c2012

Paul McDevitt : 39

Paul McDevitt [Infinite Greyscale] [Dusseldorf] c2011

Paul McDevitt : 40

Paul McDevitt [Infinite Greyscale] [Dusseldorf] c2012

Paul McDevitt : 42

Paul McDevitt [Infinite Greyscale] [Dusseldorf] [s.d.]

Paul Noble

Anthony Spira Whitechapel Gallery; migros museum fur gegenwartskunst London; Switzerland c2004

Paul Noble

Ealan Wingate Gagosian Gallery New York c2007

Paul Noble : introduction to Nobson Newtown

Paul Noble Salon Verlag Köln 1998

Paul Noble : Tobias Rehberger [Exhibition guide]

[Whitechapel Gallery] [London] [2004]

Paul Noble : welcome to Nobson

Robin Vousden Gagosian Gallery London c2011

Paul Rooney : failing that

Paul Rooney Matt's Gallery London 2008

Paul Sietsema

Paul Sietsema [Drawing Room] [London] [2012]

Paul Sietsema : figure 3

Cornelia Butler The Museum of Modern Art New York 2010

Paul Sietsema : interviews of films and works

Quinn Latimer Kunsthalle Basel Basel 2012

Paul Sietsema : the federal

Paul Sietsema Tulips & Roses 2011

Paula Modersohn-Becker : the letters and journals

Gunter Busch Northwestern University Press Evanston, Illinois 1990

Paula Rego

John McEwen Phaidon London 1992

Paula Rego : dame with the goat’s foot and other stories

Paula Rego Marlborough Fine Art London c2013

Paula Rego : nursery rhymes

Paula Rego Thames & Hudson London 1994

Paula Rego : the complete graphic work

T. G. Rosenthal Thames & Hudson London 2003

Paulina Olowska

Lionel Bovier Kunsthalle Basel Basel c2013

Paulina Olowska : salty water

Nikola Dietrich Portikus Frankfurt am Main c2007

Pauline Kraneis : gelande

Bettina Steinbrugge ruksaldruck Berlin 2004

Pavel Buchler : 3’34’’ [vinyl record]

Kunsthalle Bern Bern 2006

Pavel Büchler : absentmindedwindowgazing

Oktem Esra Sarigedik Kunsthalle Bern, Van Abbemuseum, Veenam Publishers Rotterdam 2007

Pavel Büchler : conversation pieces

Martin Vincent Cornerhouse Publications Manchester 2003

Pavel Büchler : idle thoughts

Pavel Büchler Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester Manchester 2013

Pavel Büchler : labour in vain, marna prace

Jaroslav Andel Dox Centre for Contemporary Art Czech Republic 2010

Pavel Buchler : making nothing happen : a film by Simon Morris [DVD]

Simon Morris Simon Morris c2010

Pavel Büchler : marx angels

Pavel Büchler Book Works London c1997

Pavel Buchler : notable days

Pavel Buchler Book Works London [s.d.]

Pavel Pepperstein

Pavel Pepperstein [Ad Marginem?] [Moscow?] [s.d.]

Pavel Pepperstein : city of Russia

Maria Kravtsova [Regina Gallery Moscow] [Moscow] c2007

Pavel Pepperstein : from Mordor with love!

Pavel Pepperstein Regina Gallery London [2010]

Pedagogical sketchbook

Paul Klee Faber and Faber London 1968

Pedro Cabrita Reis : true gardens

Peter Pakesch Kunsthaus Graz Joanneum 2008

People de la muse : a typical artists poem 2013

Emanuel Röhss Royal Collage of Art London [2013]

Peppi Bottrop : ‘14

Peppi Bottrop [s.n.] [s.l.] [2014?]


Dennis Cooper Grove Press New York c2000

Peter Doig : works on paper

Peter Doig Windsor Press Vero Beach 2005

Peter Liversidge : proposals 1997-2005

Peter Liversidge [Ormeau Baths Gallery?] [Belfast] [2005?]

Peter Liversidge : what you’d expect

Alistair Robinson Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art Sunderland 2004

Peter Peri : art now

Katharine Stout Tate Britain London 2007

Peter Peri : country 10

Adam Szymczyk Schwabe AG Basel c2006

Peter Peri : overflow and extinction

Peter Peri Counter Gallery London c2005

Peter Peri : we, the children of the 20th century

Neal Brown Almine Rech Gallery Paris 2011

Peter Randall-Page : upside down & inside out

[Pangolin London] [London] [2014?]

Philip Guston : Arbeiten auf Papier

Christoph Schreier Hatje Cantz Ostfildern c2007

Philip Guston : paintings and prints from the Tate Collection

[Tate] [London] [2002?]

Philip Guston : retrospective

Michael Auping Thames and Hudson London 2003

Philip Haffner : measuring the digital

Philip Haffner [Editon Z?] Germany c2014

Philip Haffner : the world as list and algorithm

Philip Haffner [Editon Z?] Germany c2014

Philip Taaffe : works on paper

Georges Armaos Gagosian Gallery New York c2010

Philippe Parreno

Christine Macel JRP Ringier; Editions du Centre Pompidou Zurich; Paris c2009

Philippe Parreno : C. H. Z.

Nancy Spector Foundation Beyeler, Damiani Bologna 2011

Philippe Parreno : suicide in vermillon sands

Philippe Parreno [Friedrich Petzel Gallery] New York 2008

Philippe Vandenberg : ‘visite’

Jan Van Woensel Museum Voor Schone Kunsten Gent Gent 2008

Philippe Vandenberg : << l'important c'est le kamikaze >

> : oeuvre 2000-2006

Alain Tourneux Arthur Rimbaud Museum Charleville-Mezieres [2006]

Philippe Vandenberg : reflections on the drawings

Patrick Van Rossem Estate Philippe Vandenberg [s.l.] c2012

Phillip Lai

Francis McKee The Showroom London 1997

Phyllida Barlow : fifty years of drawings

Hauser & Wirth; JRP Ringier London; Zurich 2014

Pia Linz : Mile End Park

Petra Leineweber Hessischen Kulturstiftung

Picasso : works on paper : Barcelone, blue and pink periods : from the collection of Marina Picasso

Marylin McCully [Lefevre Gallery?] [London?] c1988

Piero Di Cosimo : fiction, invention and fantasia

Sharon Fermor Reaktion Books London 1993

Pierre Bismuth

Pierre Bismuth Editions Flammarion Paris 2005

Pierre Klossowski

Anthony Spira Hatje Cantz Ostfildern c2006

Pierrette Bloch

Claude Schweisguth Editions du Centre Pompidou Paris c2002

Pieter Slagboom : parma violet

Lorenzo Benedetti Revolver Publishing Berlin 2010

Pieter Slagboom : tekeningen

Rutger Wolfson Stichting Beeldende Kunst Middelburg Middelburg 2005

Pietro Ruffo : choose your way to be free

Pietro Ruffo Carlo Cambi Editore [Poggibonsi, Siena] 2013

Pilar Corrias

Ping pong : Jorge Julián Aristizábal, Colombia, Greg Creek, Australia

Jorge Julián Aristizábal Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores Bogotá 2013

Ping pong : Mateo López, José Antonio Suárez Londoño

Mateo López Casas Riegner Bogotá 2010

Pinta : the modern and contemporary Latin American art show

Earls Court Echibition Centre London 2011

Pirates and farmers

Dave Hickey Ridinghouse London 2013

PK permanente krise

Julie Julliard Musee Jenisch 2011

Place/no place : Anish Kapoor in architecture [I must be something to do something; I must do something to be something]

Anish Kapoor RIBA Trust; Deutsche Bank London c2008

Places : Stefania Beretta, Maurizio Anzeri : scenes of the real and cathedrals of the mind

Viana Conti [Galleria Palladio] [Lugano] c2006

Plan d

Sam Sherman Placete Viscondes de Balsemão Porto 2005

Plana = page [José Antonio Suárez Londoño]

Jose Antonio Suarez Londono [s.n.] [s.l.] [2009]

Platform China

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Play for today : Cornelius Cardew

Kate Macfarlane The Drawing Room; Museum van Hendendaagse Kunst London; Antwerp [2008]


Markus Heinzelmann 2001

Polly Apfelbaum

Claudia Gould Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia c2003

Polly Apfelbaum : what does love have to do with it

Jeffrey Keough Stephen D. Paine Gallery Massachusetts 2003

Polly Gould : manifestations :performing the word

Polly Gould 1998

Pontormo drawings

Ellen Rosefsky Harry N. Abrams Inc. New York 1992

Port city : on mobility & exchange

Tom Trevor Arnolfini Bristol c2007

Portavilion : public art for London’s parks

Up Projects London 2008

Portraits. : Luc Tuymans

Toby Kamps The Menil Collection Houston [2012?]

Postmodern architecture in London

Pablo Bronstein Koening Books London 2009

Power drawing : active learning

Eileen Adams Artforms; Education Leeds; The Campaign for Drawing [Leeds]; [Leeds]; [London] 2009

Power drawing : space and place

Eileen Adams Drawing Power, The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2004

Power drawing lines of enquiry

Eileen Adams Drawing Power, The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2005

Power drawing notebooks

Eileen Adams Drawing Power, The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2003

Power plays : Laura Eldret

Laura Eldret text + work, The Gallery, Arts University College Bournemouth Bournemouth c2012

Powers of horror : an essy on abjection

Julia Kristeva Columbia University Press New York c1982

PR : campo de paintball = paintball field [Paula Roush]

msdm [s.l.] [s.d.]

Premonition : Luc Tuymans : zeichnungen = drawings

Luc Tuymans [Kunstmuseum Bern] [Bern] c1997

Presence : new works of contemporary art from Scotland

Graeme Murray The Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh 2002

pressPLAY : contemporary artists in conversation

Phaidon London 2005

Print out : 20 years in print

Christophe Cherix MOMA New York 2012

Professional practice

Eileen Adams Drawing Power, The Campaign for Drawing [London] 2006

Progress : William Hogarth / Yinka Shonibare MBE / Grayson Perry / David Hockney / Jessie Brennan

[The Foundling Museum] [London] [2014]

Projectie : technologie als metafoor

Edwin Carels Nai Uitgevers Rotterdam 2006

Propeller island 9 [poster exhibition, Pippa Gatty]

Pippa Gatty [Pippa Gatty] [s.l.] 2012

Proper [Luc Tuymans]

Luc Tuymans David Zwirner New York [2005]

Proposals for Barcelona [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Centre d'Art Santa Monica Barcelona 2008

Proposals for Brussels [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge British Council [London?] 2007

Proposals for Cardiff [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Chapter Cardiff 2010

Proposals for Huntly [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Deveron Arts Huntly [2011?]

Proposals for Kiasma [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Kiasma Helsinki [2012]

Proposals for Liverpool [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Liverpool University Press [Liverpool] 2008

Proposals for Nils Frahm [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge [s.n.] [s.l.] [s.d.]

Proposals for Santarcangelo [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Ingleby Gallery [Edinburgh] [2012?]

Proposals for Sean Kelly Gallery [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Sean Kelly Gallery New York 2011

Proposals for The Flag Club [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Peter Foolen Editions Eindhoven 2012

Proposals for the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art [Peter Liversidge]

Peter Liversidge Ingleby Gallery Edinburgh 2010

Prospects and interiors : sculptors’ drawings of inner space

Sophie Raikes Henry Moore Institute

Punctured and unravelled

Mahbub Shah Pure Land London 2007

Queer paper gardens or the wildlife of symbols (collage-roman) : Paula Roush & Maria Lusitano

Fundacao EDP [Lisbon] [2013?]

Quentin Blake : beyond the page

Tate London 2012

R.B. Kitaj : recent pictures

Marlborough Fine Art London c1994

Rachel Goodyear : modifications of the host

Rachel Goodyear Yorkshire Sculpture Park Wakefield 2011

Rachel Howard

Rachel Howard Pulchritude Press Los Angeles 2007

Rachel Howard

Louisa Elderton Blain Southern London c2011

Rachel Howard : how to disappear completely

Rachel Howard Haunch of Venison London 2008

Rachel Howard invited by Philippa van Loon

Rachel Howard Museum Van Loon 2008

Rachel Whiteread : drawings

Allegra Pesenti Hammer Museum: DelMonico Books Los Angeles; Munich 2010

Rachel Whiteread : gouaches

Friedrich Meschede daad-gallery Berlin 1993

Rafraîchir l’écran = refreshing the screen

Timothy Druckrey livraison rhinocéros comme revue d'art contemporain Strasbourg 2005