Thomas Zummer, Study for a Portrait of ‘Leachim’ (1987), 2005

Thomas Zummer
Study for a Portrait of ‘Leachim’ (1987), 2005
Graphite, carbon, erasure on paper    
35.2 x 28.2 cm

Price: £1,650 framed

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One of an ongoing series of ‘Portraits of Robots’, in which the drawings are produced rapidly with white paper ground, graphite powder of different hues, and erasure; the artist’s mind simultaneously editing the source photograph. Thus the image is drawn from darkness into light, at a comparable duration to the action of the camera in early photography.   The graphite is not fixed and the drawing remains unglazed; in the flesh these drawings possess a materiality which endows his non-human subject with an intense human presence.  The compassion we feel for these robots demonstrates the fallacy at the core of all image-making.  Zummer is interested in exposing the processes involved in the production and consumption of works of art; making drawings, and manipulating photographs digitally, form part of his arsenal in doing this.