Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Segura Firme!, 2015

Rodrigo Garcia Dutra
Segura Firme!, 2015
Carbon paper transfer
29.6 x 20.9cm

Price: £250 unframed

Titled Segura Firme! (hold on tight) – “kené is a form of geometric abstraction created by the tribe Huni Kuin / Kaxinawa in the Brazilian Amazonian. Those patterns are inspired by the snake skin where they can find 21 different motifs and recombined they made another 40. The myth is that the snake taught them how to draw when they sing and drink the ayahuasca brew. I myself drunk the brew and my recent work is related to the visions I had and the cosmogony I have been in touch with since August 2014.

Akin to the python snake that reveals possible paths, Garcia Dutra materializes the experiences he has been pursuing, on this occasion overlapping the ancestral wisdoms with the aesthetics of modern Brazilian architecture. Within an essentially animistic thinking, a universe where everything has spirit, both plants and animals and man, Garcia Dutra’s work conjures mestizo languages debating ceremonies, rituals and the forces of nature.