David Blandy, High Definition Lifestyle, 2015

David Blandy
High Definition Lifestyle, 2015
Pencil on paper
20.9 x 29.6cm

Price: £250 unframed

This drawing is of a tweet that I sent on January the 7th, in response to a video I had watched about a screen being sold specifically to display art. It was the style of the promotional video that intrigued me, as it seemed to distil several of the tropes of the internet video aesthetic, short depth of field, low key but enthusiastic voices, relaxed use of high end touch screen devices. There was a phrase that I had rattling in my head for a long time, that I found on the box of a video projector: 'High Definition Lifestyle.' So I started with that. Then I printed the tweet out and traced over it with pencil on 120g paper.” - David Blandy

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