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Brian Chalkley, I work all week for that Saturday night moment, 2013


Lothar Götz: ​Untitled, 2014


Lothar Götz: ​House for Karl - Heinz - Adler, 2014


Set of 5 Drawing Room pencils


Packet of Needles by Lisa Milroy


Contact Lens Case by Lisa Milroy


Black Shoelaces by Lisa Milroy


Tea Cup and Saucer by Lisa Milroy


Compact (Face Powder) by Lisa Milroy


Salt and Pepper Shakers by Lisa Milroy


Pencil by Lisa Milroy


Set of Keys on a String by Lisa Milroy


Gift by Lisa Milroy


Loose Measuring Tape by Lisa Milroy


The Nakeds


Daniel Guzmán: Chromosome Damage


John Kindness, Scarecrow Incident as a Lace Pattern (after Dudley Watkins), 2009


Henna Nadeem, Sunset Strip, 2009


Fabian Peake, What Can You See?, 2011


Mia Pearlman, Untitled, 2009


Crossing the Circle - Philippe Vandenberg


Martin Creed Drawing Room Bag


Peng & Hu Hirameki: Draw What You See


Art Speak, Art Think, Art do.