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The Nakeds


Tea Cup and Saucer by Lisa Milroy


Set of Keys on a String by Lisa Milroy


Set of 5 Drawing Room pencils


Salt and Pepper Shakers by Lisa Milroy


Peng & Hu Hirameki: Draw What You See


Pencil by Lisa Milroy


Packet of Needles by Lisa Milroy


Mia Pearlman, Untitled, 2009


Martin Creed Drawing Room Bag




Lothar Götz: ​Untitled, 2014


Lothar Götz: ​House for Karl - Heinz - Adler, 2014


Loose Measuring Tape by Lisa Milroy


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John Kindness, Scarecrow Incident as a Lace Pattern (after Dudley Watkins), 2009


Henna Nadeem, Sunset Strip, 2009


Gift by Lisa Milroy


Fabian Peake, What Can You See?, 2011


Daniel Guzmán: Chromosome Damage


Crossing the Circle - Philippe Vandenberg


Contact Lens Case by Lisa Milroy


Compact (Face Powder) by Lisa Milroy


Brian Chalkley, I work all week for that Saturday night moment, 2013


Black Shoelaces by Lisa Milroy


Art Speak, Art Think, Art do.