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The Play’s the Thing - Essay by Ben Eastham


H.R. Giger, Dune V, 1976

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Chris Foss, Harkonnen Flagship, 2009 [1975]


Chris Foss, Shot-up Pirate ship spilling spice, 2009 [1975]


Chris Foss, The Emperor’s Artificial Planet, 2009 [1975]


Crossing the Circle - Philippe Vandenberg

£28.50 £17.10

Thinking Tantra Research Papers

£10.00 £2.00

Thinking Tantra Research Papers - download

£3.00 £1.00

Martin Creed Drawing Room Bag

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Drawing Biennial 2017 Catalogue

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Graphic Witness Exhibition Guide

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Graphic Witness Exhibition Guide - download

£3.00 £1.00

Nicola Tyson: Beyond the Trace Exhibition Guide - download

£3.00 £1.00

Nicola Tyson: Beyond the Trace Exhibition Guide

£5.00 £1.00

Kate Davis & David Moore Work Against Your Better Judgement, 2017


Kathrin Böhm The Economy as a Drinks Cabinet Jan 17, 2017


Vitamin D

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Heather Phillipson: Eat Here

£13.00 £2.60

Peng & Hu Hirameki: Draw What You See

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Art Speak, Art Think, Art do.

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George Grosz: The Big NO

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Cornelia Parker

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David Austen: Green Electric Morning

£10.00 £6.40


£14.00 £11.20

Gemma Anderson: Portraits: Patients & Psychiatrists

£8.95 £7.16

Kate Atkin: London Pleasures

£15.00 £12.00

Michael Landy: Break Down Inventory

£15.00 £12.00

Peter Liversidge: Selected Proposals

£30.00 £24.00

Philippe Vandenberg: Innocence is precisely: never to avoid the worst.

£24.95 £19.96

Franz Erhard Walther Drawings - Line/Frame/Action/Drawn novel

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Alexander Roob: POST

£10.00 £8.00

J.J. Seinen: Catalogo Exposicion

£12.00 £9.60

Variaciones: dibujos de Johanna Calle

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American Minimal Music by Wim Mertens

£12.95 £10.36

George F. Maciunas

£12.00 £9.60

Everything we do is music - Exhibition Catalogue

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A Slice through the World: Contemporary Artists’ Drawings - Exhibition Catalogue

£15.00 £3.00

Art and Emergency - Modernism In Twentieth-Century India

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Authentocrats: Culture, Politcs and the New Seriousness

£8.99 £7.19

Happy, Sad, Feeling Glad

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The Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine

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Let’s Make Some Great Art

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12 Asunto Abstractos (Abstract Matter x12)


Dear Images - Art, Copyright and Culture

£15.00 £12.00

Carsten Höller: Decision

£12.00 £9.60

Shahzia Sikander


Tom Chamberlain: Regardless

£26.00 £20.80

Valeria Napoleone’s Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes

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Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor

£9.95 £7.96

From the Inside Out Catalogue

£5.00 £1.00

A Tittle-Tattle Tell-a-Tale Heart

£25.00 £20.00

Ernesto Caivano, A Private Constellation, 2005


Ernesto Caivano, Among Webs, 2005


Ernesto Caivano, Leaf Elea Dele Odea Code, 2005


Ernesto Caivano, Webbed Belly, 2005