Wendy Anderson, Five and Sixes, 2007


Waste Material - Curated by David Musgrave


Variaciones: dibujos de Johanna Calle


Valeria Napoleone’s Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes




Towards Visibility - Exhibiting Contemporary Drawing 1964-1980


Tom Chamberlain: Regardless


To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf


Thomas Scheibitz - A Moving Plan B - Chapter One Selected by Thomas Scheibitz


Thinking Tantra Research Papers - download


Thinking Tantra Research Papers


The World on Paper


The Urpflanze: The Primal Plant: Plants of The Future Limited Edition


The Urpflanze: The Primal Plant: Plants of The Future By Melanie Jackson & Esther Leslie


The Play’s the Thing - Essay by Ben Eastham


The Peripatetic School: Itinerant Drawing from Latin America


The Nakeds


The Collector - Marc Bauer




The Beachcombers Texts by Andrew Renton and Katharine Stout.


Tea Cup and Saucer by Lisa Milroy


Stephen Farthing, Sorry to keep you waiting, 2007


Stationary Object by Lisa Milroy


Spool of Black Thread and Needle by Lisa Milroy


Silence: Lectures and Writings


Shahzia Sikander


Set of Keys on a String by Lisa Milroy


Set of 5 Drawing Room pencils


Seeing Ourselves: Women’s Self-Portraits


Sarah Jones, Portrait (Portrait Series 2005), 2005


Sarah Jones, Excerpt from a score for ‘IT WHAT UR’, 2011


Salt and Pepper Shakers by Lisa Milroy


Rupert Ackroyd, Beams Sketch, 2011


Rose Wylie


Rachel Lowe, Josy and Moulouk




Phillip Lai, Not Titled, 2003


Philippe Vandenberg: Innocence is precisely: never to avoid the worst.


Peter Liversidge: Selected Proposals


Peter Liversidge, The Rules of the Library, 2014


Peng & Hu Hirameki: Draw What You See


Pencil by Lisa Milroy


Pavel Büchler Idle Thoughts


Packet of Needles by Lisa Milroy


Outset Study Research Fee 2HRS


Outset Study Research Fee 1HR


Oona Grimes, Alice’s Holes (fragment), 2012


Nowhere is Here


No One Belongs Here More Than You - Miranda July


Nicola Tyson: Beyond the Trace Exhibition Guide - download


Nicola Tyson: Beyond the Trace Exhibition Guide


Neil McNally, Copy of a William Blake self-portrait with my eyes replacing, 2009


Near to the Wild Heart - Clarice Lispector


Nature: Collaborations in Design


Modern Nature Catalogue


Modern Nature - Derek Jarman