Artists and curators taking part in Drawing Room's exhibition programme are invited to compile ‘reading lists’ that inform and expand the themes explored in their work. This list has been compiled by Vanessa Baird for If ever there were an end to a story that had no beginning, the first UK survey of renowned this Norwegian artist. Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL Buy
The World of Pooh A.A. Milne, illustrated by E.H. Shepherd Amazon
Grimms Eventyr (Grimm’s Adventure/Grimm’s Fairytales) Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm Amazon
Madeline and the Gypsies Ludwig Bemelmans Amazon
Babar’s Travels Jean de Brunhoff Amazon
Der Strummelpeter: Nach der Urfassung neu gezeichnet und in Holz geschnitten von Fritz Kredel (Der Strummelpeter: redrawn from the original version and cut into wood by Fritz Kredel) Heinrich Hoffman Amazon
Further Adventures of the Family from One End Street Eve Garnett Amazon
Balthus Stanislas Klossowski de Rola Amazon
Gustave Courbet Patrick Bade Amazon
Skinnvotten Alf Prøysen Amazon
Tredve (Thirty: short stories) Ingeborg Bachmann Amazon
Reisen til nattens ende (Journey to the end of the night) Louis Ferdinand Celine Amazon
Charleston: A Bloomsbury House and Garden Quentin Bell and Virginia Nicholson Amazon
Adolf in Blunderland James Dyrenforth and Max Kester, illustrated by Norman Mansbridge Amazon
Har Dyrene Sjael? (Do animals have souls?) Th. Kittelsen Amazon
Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut Amazon
Kravløs ulykke Peter Handke Amazon
Portraits and Dreams: Photographs and Stories by Children of the Appalachians, 1976–1982, 2009–2018, updated and expanded edition Wendy Ewald Amazon
Fragmenter av kjærlighetens spark (A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments) Roland Barthes Amazon
Goya Obra Grafica Completa Rafael Casariego Amazon
Edvard Munch samlede malerier: catalogue raisonné: 1898-1908 Gerd Woll Amazon
Van Eyck in Detail Annick Born, Maximiliaan P. J. Martens Amazon
L.S Lowry Michael Leber Amazon
Hvad er Livet? satirekunstneren (What is life? The Satirist) Theodor Kittelsen Amazon
Eventyrbok for De Sma Asbjornsen Og Moe Amazon
Grey Rabbit Finds a Shoe Alison Uttley, pictures by Margaret Tempest Amazon
Anatomy for artists: Being an explanation of surface form Eugene Wolff Amazon
Influencing Attitudes and Changing Behavior Philip G. Zimbardo and Ebbe Ebbesen Amazon
Illustrated Marquis De Sade David Mountford Amazon
Brian Wildsmith’s Favourite Nursery Rhymes Brian Wildsmith Amazon
Daumier John Berger Amazon
Goya: Les Caprices Jean-Pierre Dhainault Amazon
The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman Amazon
Norske Folkeeventyr Illustrated by Erik Werenskiold Amazon

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library