This list provides key titles for further reading around Thinking Tantra, an exhibition starting with anonymous Tantric drawings from a span of two to three hundred years, and including drawings made in the Tantric tradition, with works by artists who know these drawings well, respond to them, and actively relate them to their own practice. Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL Buy
Tom Chamberlain: Regardless * Rebeccah Blum Amazon
Taipei Biennial 2014 * Yu-Fang Chiang Link Amazon
New Dream Machine Project [film] Shezad Dawood Amazon
Shezad Dawood: Black Sun Gerrie van Noord Link Amazon
Three Dots, Three Points of View, Under One Roof: C. K. Rajan, N. Durvasula, R. S. Kallat * Grant Watson Amazon
Indian Rope Trick: Nicola Durvasula * Nicola Durvasula Amazon
Watercolour * Alison Smith Link Amazon
Alexander Gorlizki: Fixture Alexander Gorlizki Amazon
Alexander Gorlizki : Vanishing Point * Nick Eagleton Amazon
Goutam Ghosh: Ascribing to them Birth, Animation, Sense and Accident * Goutam Ghosh Link Amazon
Longing: Poems, Devdas Chhotray, Prafulla Mohanti * Devdas Chhotray and Prafulla Mohanti Link Amazon
Shunya: Prafulla Mohanti, Paintings * Prafulla Mohanti Link Amazon
Jean-Luc Moulene : Opus + Opus * Yasmil Raymond Link Amazon
Anthony Pearson * Dominic Molon Amazon
Anthony Pearson: Solarisations * John Rasmussen Amazon
Seeker: The Art of Sohan Qadri Donald B. Kuspit et al. Link Amazon
G.R. Santosh: Tantra Series : Masterpiece VI * Kishore Singh Amazon
Drawing papers 49, Richard Tuttle: Manifesto * Catherine de Zegher Link Amazon
Drawing the Question: Drawing a Conclusion * Susan Harris Amazon
Drawing Redefined: Roni Horn / Esther Kläs / Joelle Tuerlinckx / Richard Tuttle / Jorinde Voigt * Jennifer R. Gross Link Amazon
Freeing the Line * [including artists Eva Hesse, Richard Tuttle, Gego, Karel Malich, Monika Grzymala, Joelle Tuerlinckx, Ranjani Shettar and Julie Mehretu] Catherine de Zegher Amazon
Richard Tuttle: Twenty Floor Drawings * Susan Harris Amazon
Richard Tuttle: Making Silver * Richard Tuttle Tuttle Link Amazon
Acharya Vyakul Franck Andre Jamme Amazon
Ich und du: Claudia Wieser und Bernd Ribbeck * Claudia Wieser and Bernd Ribbeck Link Amazon
Drawing papers 93, Claudia Wieser: Poems of the Right Angle * Joanna Kleinberg Amazon
Claudia Wieser: Furniture * Wim Waelput Link Amazon
Drawing papers 50 : field of colour : Tantra drawings from India * [] Amazon
Magic Markings: Tantra, Jain and Ritual Art from India * Joost van den Bergh Amazon
The Art of Tantra * Philip Rawson Link Amazon
Tantra : the Indian Cult of Ecstasy * Philip Rawson Link Amazon
Neo-Tantra : Contemporary Indian Painting * Inspired by Tradition Edith A. Tonelli Link Amazon
The Tantric Tradition Agehananda Bharati Link Amazon

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library