This list provides key titles for further reading around The Nakeds, a group exhibition curated by artist David Austen, looking at drawings of the body exposed.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
David Austen Milton Keynes Gallery 978-0-9553440-4-6
David Austen: objects and images from the edge of the world Wolsey Art Gallery 978-0-906688-35-9
David Austen: end of love Modern Art Oxford 978-1-901352-49-8
David Austen: green electric morning Ingleby Gallery 978-0-9545171-8-2
David Austen: Stood Up Peer 978-0-9539772-4-6
Fiona Banner : your plinth is my lap Dundee Contemporary Arts 978-0-9535178-9-3
Fiona Banner: harrier and jaguar Katrina M. Brown 978-1-85437-953-5
Fiona Banner: The vanity press The Vanity Press 978-1-907631-50-4
Fiona Banner : performance nude Other Criteria 978-1-904212-46-1
Thinking is form: the drawings of Joseph Beuys Ann Temkin 978-0-500-01547-6
Joseph Beuys: Iphigenie Jorg Schellmann 978-3-8296-0549-6
Joseph Beuys: Hirschdenkmäler Mattieu Lelievre
Joseph Beuys : early drawings Werner Schade 978-0-393-31049-8
Joseph Beuys : Zeichnungen = drawings C.A.H. Bastian 978-3-86678-707-0
Louis Bourgeois: drawings and sculpture Ekhard Schneider 978-3-88375-597-7
Louise Bourgeois : destruction of the father, reconstruction of the father Marie Laure Bernadac 978-0-262-52246-5
Louise Bourgeois : Louise Bourgeois (LB) Anne Coxon 978-1-85437-882-8
George Condo Peter Willberg 978-0-9555606-0-6
George Condo : Headspace Simon Lee Gallery 978-0-9555606-4-4
George Condo: ink drawings Skarstedt 978-0-95752972-4
George Condo : existential portraits : sculpture, drawings, paintings 2005/2006 Luhring Augustine 978-3-935567-34-3
Enrico David Michael Werner 978-1-885013-87-3
Enrico David: Nerve Ending Michael Werner 978-1885013873
How do you love dzzzzt by Mammy? : Enrico David Nikola Dietrich 978-3-7204-0183-8
Marlene Dumas: measuring your own grave Cornelia Butler 978-1-933751-08-5
Marlene Dumas: nom de Personne/name no names Centre Pompidou 978-2-84426-096-3
Marlene Dumas: forsaken Frith Street Gallery 978-0-9514953-7-7
Marlene Dumas : one hundred models and endless rejects Jessica Morgan 978-3-7757-1013-8
MD : Marlene Dumas Liliane Dewachter 978-90-72828-08-8
Marlene Dumas: man kind Paul Andriesse 978-90-73215-21-4
Tracey Emin: she lay down deep beneath the sea Sarah Martin 978-0-9552363-5-8
One Thousand Drawings by Tracey Emin Honey Luard 978-0-8478-3202-6
Tracey Emin : you left me breathing Sarah Watson 978-1-932598-60-5
Tracey Emin : I need art like I need God Honey Luard 978-0-95226902-1
Don’t tread on me!: Drawings : 1947-2004 : Leon Golub Leon Golub 978-0-9719289-2-3
Leon Golub : echoes of the real Jon Bird 978-1-86189-765-7
David Hockney 1960 – 1968: a marriage of styles Alex Farquharson 978-1-907421-00-6
David Hockney: drawing in a printing machine Annely Juda Fine Art 978-1-904621-31-7
David Hockney: a drawing retrospective Ulrich Luckhardt 978-0-500-27977-9
Chantal Joffe Victoria Miro 978-0-9554564-5-9
Chantal Joffe: the hard winter Galerie Forsblom
Women : Chantal Joffe Victoria Miro 978-0-9543085-3-7
R.B. Kitaji: recent pictures Marlbourough Fine Art 978-0-89797-105-8
Kitaj, little pictures Marlborough Fine Art 978-1-904372-45-5
Maria Lassnig: the location of pictures Gunther Holler-Schuster 978-3-86335275-2
Maria Lassnig: in the mirror of possibilities: Watercolours and drawings from 1947 to the present Julia Friedrich 978-37757-2418-0
Maria Lassnig: the pen is the sister of the brush Hans Ulrich Obrist 978-3-86521-739-4
Paul McCarthy: brain box dream box Eva Meyer-Hermann 978-3-937572-12-3
Paul McCarthy : between beauty and the beast: sculptures drawings and photographs Tim Nye 978-1-891027-23-9
Chris Ofili Carol Becker 978-0-8478-3215-6
Within reach: Chris Ofili British Pavilion 978-0-9543085-5-1
Chris Ofili : devil's pie Angela Choon 978-3-86521-629-8
Carol Rama Cristina Mundici 978-88-8158-148-1
Carol Rama: oltre l'opera grafica Alexandra Wetzel 978-88-8281-361-1
Egon Schiele Frank Whitford 978-0-500-18183-6
Schiele drawings: 44 works Egon Schiele 978-0-486-28150-6
Egon Schiele : Drawings & watercolours Jane Kallir 978-0-500-51116-9
I am a record: Georgina Starr Le Confort Moderne 978-91-1-122063-7
The history of sculpture: Georgina Starr Cooper Gallery
Nancy Spero John Bird 978-0-905263-51-9
Nancy Spero: the work Christopher Lyon 978-3-7913-4416-4
Alina Szapocznikow: from drawing into sculpture Jonas Storsve 979-10-90490-29-1
Alina Szapocznikow: sculpture undone 1955-1972 Elena Filipovic 978-0-87070-824-4
Lovely, human, true, heartfelt: the letters of Alina Szapocznikow and Rysard Stanislawski, 1948-1971 Agata Jukubowska 978-8-39338-186-9
Rosemarie Trockel: dessins Centre Pompidou 978-2-84426-059-8
Rosemarie Trockel: drawings, collages, and book drafts Anita Haldermann 978-3-7757-2613-9
Flagrant desire: Rosemarie Trockel Dirk Snauwaert 978-2-91806-327-8
Nicola Tyson Friedrich Petzel Gallery
Nicola Tyson: Dead Letter Men Nicola Tyson 978-3-86335-306-3
Andy Warhol: drawings and illustrations of the 1950s Ivan Vartanian 978-88-8158-277-8
Franz West Robert Fleck 978-0-7148-3825-0
Inside Franz West Stefan Ratibor
Franz West: Man with a Ball Ealan Wingare 978-1-935263-69-2
The Nakeds Kate Macfarlane 978-0-9558299-8-7
Flesh at war with enigma Adam Szymczyk 978-3-7965-2121-8
(In search of) the perfect lover Michaela Unterdorfer & Matthias Winzen 978-3-7757-1320-7
Louise Bourgeois, Meret Oppenheim, Ilse Weber: drawings and works on paper Stephan Kunz 978-3-908617-00-6
The Naked Truth: Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and other scandals Tobias G. Natter 978-3-7913-3283-3
Rite of Passage: The early years of Vienna Actionism 1960-1966 Hubert Klocker 978-3-86442-097-9
Facing the Modern: the Portrait in Vienna 1900 Gemma Blackshaw 978-1-85709-561-6
Exodus: between promise and fulfilment David Austen 978-1-904561-01-9
Manifesta 10 : the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia, The State Hermitage Museum Kasper Kӧnig 978-3-86335-566-1
Touching from a distance: Adam Szyczzyk on the art of Alina Szapocznikow Artforum
‘Insert: Rosemarie Trockel’ Parkett

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library