This list provides key titles for further reading around Marking Language, a group exhibition exploring the relationship between linguistic communication and drawing in recent art.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
Pavel Büchler : idle thoughts Whitworth Art Gallery 978-0-903261-71-5
Pavel Büchler : marná práce : labour in vain DOX Centre for Contemporary Art
Pavel Büchler : notable days Pavel Büchler 978-1-870699-03-7
Abecé : Johanna Siglinde Calle Gregg Galeria Casas Riegner
Submergentes : a drawing approach to masculinities : Johanna Calle Museum of Latin American Art
Variaciones : dibujos de Johanna Calle Galeria Casas Riegner
Matias Faldbakken : Oslo, Texas The Power Station 978-0-9840230-1-1
Matias Faldbakken : shocked into abstraction The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design 978-1-904864-53-0
Matias Faldbakken : not made visible Christopher Keller 978-3-905770-92-6
Novel two (featuring Karl Holmqvist) Alun Rowlands
Shahzia Sikander The Irish Museum of Modern Art 978-88-8158-642-4,
Shahzia Sikander Museum of Contemporary Art
Shahzia Sikander : 51 ways of looking Sikkema Jenkins & Co 978-0-9766840-0-8
Shahzia Sikander : intimate ambivalence Ikon Gallery
Glen Ligon : America Whitney Museum of American Art 978-0-300-16847-1
Drawing today Tony Godfrey 978-0-87663-601-5
Writing on the wall : word and image in modern art Simon Morely 978-0-520-24108-4
Mel Bochner : if the colour changes The Whitechapel Art Gallery
John Baldessari : pure beauty The exhibition held at Tate Modern 978-3-7913-4345-7
How to spell the alphabet Tauba Auerbach 978-91-1-134399-2
The story of writing : alphabets, hieroglyphs & pictograms Andrew Robinson 978-0-500-01665-7
Breaking the rules : the printed face of the European avant garde 1900-1937 Stephen Bury 978-0-7123-0975-2
Word into art : artists of modern middle east Venetia Porter 978-0-7141-1163-6
Un coup de dés : bild gewordene Schrift : ein ABC der nachdenklichen Sprache : Writing turned image : an alphabet of pensive language Sabine Folie 978-3-86560-543-6
Guy de Cointet Marie de Brugerolle
I am a beautiful monster : poetry, prose, and provocation Francis Picabia
Of Grammatology Jacques Derrida
Arno Schmidt, collected novellas : collected early fiction 1949-1964, volume 1 John E. Woods
Drawing in and outside writing Peter Morrens
Derrida’s writing and difference Sarah Wood
Fiona Banner : performance nude Other Criteria
Words to be looked at : language in 1960s art Liz Kotz
Kay Rosen : wall paintings and drawings Yvon Lambert
Beyond the page : contemporary art from Pakinstan Asia House
Words from the Arts Council collection Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery
Imagist Poetry Peter Jones
Roland : the magazine of the ICA’s visual art programme. Issue 2 / June – August 2009 The Institute of Contemporary Arts
Allen Ruppersberg Camden Arts Centre

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library