Artists taking part in Drawing Room's exhibition programme are invited to compile ‘reading lists’ that inform and expand the themes explored in their works.  This list has been compiled by Jasmine Johnson for her newly commissioned work Love for the Annotations II project at Outset Study.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
I LEAF (2020) [Online performance] ( Vivienne Griffin
Transmission (2020) [Anthems podcast]( L.S. Springer
Self Love and Pleasure [Blog post]( Aisha Mirza
The Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous [online article]( ) Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain
​A lover’s discourse : fragments R. Barthes Link
Paths to Recovery: Al-Anon's Steps, Traditions and Concepts Alcoholics Anonymous World Services Inc. Link
Addicted to Love: What Is Love Addiction and When Should It Be Treated? [Article in: Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, 24(1), pp.77-92] B. Earp, O. Wudarczyk, B. Foddy and J. Savulescu
The Presentation Of Self In Everyday Life​ E. Goffman Link
​Soft Fiction [1979 Film] Chick Strand
Jarman Prize Introduction 2019, Whitechapel Gallery B. Gibson
​Cold Intimacies The Making Of Emotional Capitalism​ E. Illouz Link
​Works of love. S. Kierkegaard Link
Uses of the erotic: the erotic as power A. Lorde
Facing love addiction: giving yourself the power to change the way you love P. Mellody, Andrea Wells Miller K. Miller Link
​On lies, secrets, and silence: selected prose, 1​966-1978 A. Rich Link
Friendship as a way of life: Foucault, AIDS, and the politics of shared estrangement T. Roach Link
The Watermelon Woman [1996, Film] Cheryl Dunye Link
Prototypes I [2017, 3-Channel, HD video installation combining 4K lm, 3D animation and multi-channel surround sound. 36 Min] D. O’Malley
Thursley [Podcast]( Nadine Peters
The Violinist, 1899 [Drawing] Jose Ferraz De Almeida Junior
Who is a woman now? 1, 2008 [Drawing] Kate Davis
In The Past Only, 2014 [Drawing] Marc Bauer
Self-Portrait (reflected in mirror), 1928 [Drawing] Claude Cahun
A Bigger Splash [1974 Film] Vincent Canby and Lawrence Van Gelder, Link
Still Life on a Glass Table, 1971 [Drawing] David Hockney
First Sight, 2003 [Drawing] Alex Katz
Kabeltrommel, 2010 [Drawing] Romina Bafaro
Ron, 1996 [Drawing] Brian Griffiths
Books from the Museum of the White Horse Library, Non-Fiction, 2007 [Drawing] Tania Kovats
Sid Vicious, 2001 [Drawing] Jim Lambie
The stage-life of the dead, 1974 [Drawing] R.B. Kitaj
Typenblatt, 1921 [Drawing] George Grosz
Untitled, 2010 [Drawing] Donna Huddleston
Mexico CIty, 1942 [Drawing] Juan O’Gorman
Condor and the Mole, 2011 [Drawing] Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Boundary 1, 2000 [Drawing] Barbara Walker
Girl's Head in Profile with Cap On, 1963-64 [Drawing] Euan Uglow
Office in the prisoner of war camp in Mühling [Drawing] Egon Schiele

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library