Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL Buy
The Dehumanisation of Art * José Ortega y Gasset Amazon
The Accursed Share * Georges Bataille Amazon
On humour Simon Critchley Amazon
Infinitely Demanding * Simon Critchley Amazon
Violence * Slavoj Zizek Amazon
Mimesis and Alterity Michael Taussig Amazon
Defacement: Public Secrecy and the Labor of the Negative * Michael Taussig Amazon
Against Interpretation * Susan Sontag Amazon
The severed head: capital visions * Julia Kristeva Amazon
Missing Out * Adam Phillips Amazon
Promises Promises Adam Phillips Amazon
Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found * Frances Larson Amazon
Waking Up to Say Goodbye * Stefan Sadler Amazon
Antarctic Seal * Leon Sadler Amazon
Policeworx * Stefan Sadler Amazon
I'm Gonna Kick You in the Nuts * GHXYK2 Amazon
Shine Down on Me * Stefan Sadler Amazon
Dinner Plates * Stefan Sadler Amazon
Bert And Co. Amazon

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