This list provides key titles for further reading around the exhibition which considers the notion of the ‘graphic witness’, a term that harnesses the power of drawing to challenge and question the status quo, to record and reflect protest, as well as to bear witness to social injustices and the horrors of war. Graphic Witness explores the way drawings can both document injustices and become agents that encourage us to act. Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL Buy
Crying Out Loud * Catherine Anyango Grünewald and Julie Hill Link Amazon
Heart of Darkness * Joseph Conrad, Catherine Anyango Grünewald and David Zane Mairowitz Link Amazon
Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Published as a Graphic Novel [online article] Sam Jones Link Amazon
Last Seen [online article] Catherine Anyango Grünewald Link Amazon
Andrea Bowers * Anette Freudenberger Amazon
Andrea Bowers * Rebecca McGrew Link Amazon
Nothing is Neutral: Andrea Bowers * Produced by REDCAT, Los Angeles, 2006 Link Amazon
Drawing Now: 2015 * Edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Elsy Lahner Link Amazon
Nidhal Chamekh [article in Prōtocollum 2015/16, October 2015, pp. 78-81] * Arafat Sadallah Amazon
Fugitiva: Eugenio Dittborn, pinturas, dibujos, textos, pinturas seropostales recientes (paintings, drawings, texts, recent airmail paintings) * Ticio Escobar Link Amazon
Remota: Pinturas Aeropostales Eugenio Dittborn Airmail Paintings * Published by Pública Editores, Santiago, 1997 Link Amazon
Mapa: las Pinturas Aeropostales de Eugenio Dittborn 1984-1992 (Mapa: The Airmail Paintings of Eugenio Dittborn 1984-1992) * Edited by Eugenio Dittborn, Guy Brett and Kate Bush Amazon
Multitude: a test publication by Joy Gerrard, January 2014, containing multitude drawings (2012/13), models and work in progress * Joy Gerrard Amazon
Joy Gerrard and Elements of Action: Permanent Rainbow for TGAF 2014 * Joy Gerrard Amazon
Space, Fear and The Multitude: New Work by Joy Gerrard * Megan Johnston Link Amazon
The Jerwood drawing prize 2011 * Link Amazon
Protest Crowds * [article in Cultural Politics, Vol. 12, Issue 2 (July 2016), pp. 190 - 201] Joy Gerrard Amazon
Don’t Tread On Me!: Drawings, 1947-2004 * Leon Golub Link Amazon
Leon Golub: Echoes of the Real * Link Amazon
Drawing Papers 90: Leon Golub, Live & Die Like a Lion? * Brett Littman Link Amazon
Beatriz Gonzalez la Comedia y la Tragedia: Retrospectiva, 1948 – 2010 * Alberto Sierra M. Amazon
Beatriz Gonzalez: Reiteraciones (1981 - 2015) * Amazon
Conversations in Colombia * Hans-Ulrich Obrist Link Amazon
George Grosz, Berlin: Prostitutes, Politicians and Profiteers * Richard Nagy Link Amazon
George Grosz: The Day of Reckoning * Frank Whitford Link Amazon
George Grosz : The Face of the Ruling Class * Frank Whitford Link Amazon
George Grosz: THE BIG NO * Lutz Becker and Helen Luckett Link Amazon
Small Yes and a Big No * George Grosz Link Amazon
This Can't Go On (Stay With Me): Erik van Lieshout * Rein Wolfs Link Amazon
The Show Must Ego On!: Erik van Lieshout * Zoe Gray Link Amazon
Erik van Lieshout: Home South * Link Amazon
Lorna Simpson: Ink * Eve MacSweeney Link Amazon
Lorna Simpson: Works on Paper * Anna Deavere Smith Link Amazon
Lorna Simpson Interviewed by Alison Green * [article in Art Monthly , Vol. 377 (June 2014), pp. 3-4] Lorna Simpson and Alison Green Amazon
Nancy Spero * Published by ICA, London; Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh; and Orchard Gallery/Foyle Arts Project, Derry, 1987 Link Amazon
Nancy Spero: The War Series 1966-1970 * Emanuela Belloni Link Amazon
Nancy Spero: Torture of Women * Edited by Lisa Pearson Link Amazon
Nancy Spero: The Work * Christopher Lyon Link Amazon
New Works for Different Places: TSWA Four Cities Project * James Lingwood Link Amazon
Nancy Spero: MATRIX/BERKELEY 72 * Published by University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1984 Link Amazon
Drawing Papers 79: Rirkrit Tiravanija, Demonstration Drawings * Joao Ribas Link Amazon
Rirkrit Tiravanija: A Retrospective, Tomorrow Is Another Fine Day * Link Amazon
Rirkrit Tiravanija: The Conversation Series * Hans Ulrich Obrist Link Amazon
Between Past and Future: Eight Exercises in Political Thought * Hannah Arendt Link Amazon
On Violence * Hannah Arendt Link Amazon
Remnants of Auschwitz: The Witness and the Archive * Giogio Agamben Link Amazon
The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths * Rosalind E. Krauss Link Amazon
Dissensus: On Politics and Aesthetics * Jacques Ranciere Link Amazon
Regarding the Pain of Others * Susan Sontag Link Amazon
The Migrant Image: The Art and Politics of Documentary Global Crisis * T.J. Demos Link Amazon
Strike Art: Contemporary Art and the Post-Occupy Condition * Yates McKee Link Amazon
Art and Politics Now * Anthony Downey Link Amazon
The Ungentlemanly Art: A History of American Political Cartoons * Stephen Hess Milton Kaplan Link Amazon
A-bomb Drawings by Survivors Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Link Amazon
At the Limits of the Image: Torture and its Representation in Popular Culture [article in Brumaria, Vol. 10 (2009), pp. 123 – 133] Anthony Downey Amazon
Durable Forms: The Importance of Art in War Zones [article in Frieze, Vol 186 (April 2017) pp. 29 – 30] Kaelen Wilson-Goldie Amazon

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library