This list has been compiled for FIGURE/S: drawing after Bellmer, an exhibition that explores the body as a site of oppression, liberation and troubling pleasures through the work of modern and contemporary artists. Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
Bellmer * Edited by Alain Jouffroy, series edited by Richard Hamilton]
Hans Bellmer* Michael Semff
Hans Bellmer* Peter Webb
Hans Bellmer: the anatomy of anxiety * Sue Taylor
Hans Bellmer: the doll * Hans Bellmer
Hans Bellmer: oeuvre grave * Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues
Behind closed doors: the art of Hans Bellmer* Therese Lichtenstein
The drawings of Hans Bellmer * Alex Grall
Double sexus: Hans Bellmer, Louise Bourgeous* Udo Kettelmann
On figure/s: drawing after Bellmer * Edited by Kate Macfarlane
Unica Zurn * Anne-Marie Dubois
Unica Zurn: dark spring [Drawing papers 86]* Joao Ribas
The Man of Jasmine * Unica Zürn
Richard Hamilton * Published by Anthony d'Offay Gallery, London,
Richard Hamilton * Mark Godfrey
Richard Hamilton: modern moral matters* Sophie O'Brien
Imaging James Joyce's Ulysses* Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton, Sigfried Giedion: reaper* Carson Chan
One day something happens: paintings of people: a selection by Jennifer Higgie from the Arts Council Collection* Jennifer Higgie
Huguette Caland* Anne Barlow
Huguette Caland: everything takes the shape of a person, 1970-78 * Aram Moshayedi
Huguette Caland: Tête-à-Tête [Drawing Papers 145]* Marwa Arsanios et al.
A moving plan b: chapter one* Thomas Scheibitz
On care * Edited by Rebecca Jagoe and Sharon Kivland
On violence * Edited by Rebecca Jagoe and Sharon Kivland
Aura Satz: listen, recalibrate * Christoph Cox
Her marks, a measure: Aura Satz* Justine Ludwig
As above so below: portals, visions, spirits & mystics* Rachael Thomas
Marianna Simnett * Maitreyi Maheshwari
Marianna Simnett: worst gift* Published by Matt's Gallery, London
A lock of hair [Fuyuko Matsui]* Fuyuko Matsui
Fuyuko Matsui: becoming friends with all the children in the world* Fuyuko Matsui
Kumi Machida * Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Kyoto
Kumi Machida * Veit Gorner
Kumi Machida: horror dragonia* Published by Kumi Machida, Shibusawa Ryuko
Drawing people: the human figure in contemporary art* Roger Malbert
Tabaimo: boundary layer* Ziba Ardalan de Weck
Paul Chan: selected works * Isabel Friedli
Paul Chan, selected writings 2000-2014* George Baker
Neil Gall: drawing* David Nolan
Neil Gall: the studio, cover versions* Published by domobaal editions, London
Neil Gall: works 2007 – 2011* Nicholas Cullinan
The missed encounter: a disappointment, an ear, a shell, and a snail * Sharon Kivland
En toute intimite: Sharon Kivland* Sharon Kivland
Reproductions II: Sharon Kivland* Jan Campbell
The lost diagrams of Walter Benjamin * Edited by Helen Clarke & Sharon Kivland
Memoire collective* Sharon Kivland
Freud on holiday: volume II: a disturbance of memory* Sharon Kivland
Jade Montserrat: in search of our mothers' gardens* Published by Bosse & Baum, London
Production, production * Ellen Wilkinson
Vitamin D3: todays best in contemporary drawing* Edited by Louisa Elderton
Jean-Luc Moulene: dessins / drawings 1977-2016* Michel Blancsube
Jean-Luc Moulene: opus + opus* Yasmil Raymond
And things throw light on things: John Murphy* Published by Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
A conversation piece: John Murphy - Juliao Sarmento* Donna Lynas
Drawing* Published by Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, 1972
Paul Noble* Anthony Spira
Paul Noble * Ealan Wingate
Paul Noble: new works * James Lawrence
Paul Noble: Nobson central* Published by Walther König, Cologne
Paul Noble: introduction to Nobson Newtown* Published by Salon Verlag, Cologne
Paul Noble: welcome to Nobson* Robin Vousden
Nobson* Paul Noble
Sculptors' drawings: and works on paper* Published by Pangolin London and Kings Place Gallery, London
Vitamin D: new perspectives in drawing* Emma Dexter
Automatic cities: the architectural imaginary in contemporary art* Robin Clark
Drawing now: 2015* Klaus Albrecht
Drawing now: between the lines of contemporary art * Simon Downs
Landscape* Ann Gallagher
A slice through the world: contemporary artists' drawings* Edited by Kate Macfarlane
You are so loved and lovely: ruby onyinyechi amanze, Wura-Natasha Ogunji* Emanuel Iduma
Chloe Piene: drawings/dessins* Published by Carre d'Art - Musee d'Art Contemporain de Nimes, Nimes
A passion for drawing: the Guerlain collection from the Centre Pompidou * Elsy Lahner
Shoah: the complete text of the acclaimed Holocaust film Claude Lanzmann
Aline and Valcour: or, the philosophical novel, Vol. 1 Marquis de Sade, Translated by Jocelyne Genevieve Barque
Drawing Surrealism Leslie Jones
Surrealism: desire unbound * Jennifer Mundy

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library