This list provides key titles for further reading around Drawing Room, a solo exhibition by Aleksandra Mir.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
105 selected details from the sharpie drawings 2003-2006 Aleksandra Mir 978-91-1-113998-4
Aleksandra Mir : the church of sharpie Galeria Joan Prats
The how not to cookbook: lessons learned the hard way by Aleksandra Mir Collective Gallery 978-3-86895-032-8
Aleksandra Mir : living and loving : no3, the biography of Mitchell Wright Aleksandra Mir
The meaning of flowers Aleksandra Mir 978-1-933128-23-8
Corporate Mentality Aleksandra Mir 978-0-9711193-1-4
Aleksandra Mir : news room 1986 – 2000 Mary Boone Gallery
Aleksandra Mir : the space age M-Museum Leuven 978-3-95679-022-5
Aleksandra Mir : Switzerland and other islands Mirjam Varadinis 978-3-03746-100-6
The surreal house Jane Alison 978-0-300-16576-0
A is building and b is architecture Pablo Bronstein 978-3-86335-425-1
Postmodern architecture in London Pablo Bronstein 978-3-86560-173-5
Gilded keyholes Pablo Bronstein 978-3-86335-318-6
Ornamental designs for the framing of doors Pablo Bronstein 978-3-86560-447-7
Adam Dant : bibliopolis Adam Dant
Dant on Drink: drawings about drinking in Britain Adam Dant 978-0-946652-99-0
Adam Dant : the people who live on the plank Drawing Room 978-0-9542668-3-7
Fantastic cities: guides to unvisited cities (ed.) Lucy Harrison
A delirious New York: a retroactive manifesto for Manhattan Rem Koolhaas 978-1-885254-00-9
Making worlds: fare mondi 53rd international art exhibition Daniel Birnbaum 978-88-317-9696-5

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library