This list provides key titles for further reading around Double Take, an exhibition exploring the relationship between drawing and photography.  A selection of these titles is available to read at Outset Study.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
Dove Allouche : Point Triple, Galerie d'Art graphique 26 juin-9 septembre 2013 [exhibition catalogue] * Jonas Storsve 979-1090490345 Link
Le soleil sous la mer : Dove Allouche [exhibition catalogue] * Philippe-Alain Michaud, Jean-Charles Vergne, Marc Donnadieu 978-2907672122 Link
Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography * Roland Barthes 978-0099225416 Link
‘Photogenics’ in "The Photography Reader" edited by Liz Wells, pp. 228-239 Geoffrey Batchen 978-0415246613 Link
Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility, and Other Writings on Media * Walter Benjamin 978-0674024458 Link
‘Five Notes for a Phenomenology of the Photographic Image’, in "The Photography Reader" edited by Liz Wells, pp.87-89 Hubert Damische 978-0415246613 Link
Tacita Dean: Seven Books Grey * Tacita Dean 978-3869302997 Link
Tacita Dean: Analogue: Drawings 1991-2006 * Theodora Vischer, Isabel Friedli 978-3865212894 Link
Tacita Dean (Contemporary Artists: Phaidon) * Tacita Dean 978-0714844282 Link
"“Self-Generated” Images" in "Releasing the Image: From Literature to New Media" edited by Jacques Khalip and Robert Mitchell * Peter Geimer 978-0804761383 Link
Graphology: Drawing - From Automatism to Automation * Edwin Carels, Kate Macfarlane 978-0955829956 Link
Gramophone, Film, Typewriter Friedrich A. Kittler 978-0804732338 Link
The Optical Unconscious Rosalind E. Krauss 978-0262111737 Link
The Originality of the Avant-garde and Other Modernist Myths * Rosalind E. Krauss 978-0262610469 Link
Motion Capture: Drawing and the Moving Image * [exhibition catalogue] Ed Krčma
"Tacita Dean and Still Life" in "Art History", Vol. 37, No.5, November 2014, pp. 960-977 [article] Ed Krčma
Cinematic Drawing in a Digital Age, Tate Papers no. 14 Ed Krčma Link
‘Drawing Time: Tacita Dean’s Narratives of Inscription’, in "Enclave Review", no 7, Spring 2013 [article] Michael Newman
‘The Marks, Traces, and Gestures of Drawing’ in "The Stage of Drawing: Gesture and Act,Selected from the Tate Collection" * Michael Newman 978-1854374882 Link
Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840-1860 [exhibition catalogue] Marta Braun, Hope Kingsley 978-1910164167 Link
"Drawing in the Dark" in Tate Papers no.18 Autumn 2012 Susan Morris Link
On Photography * Susan Sontag 978-0140053975 Link
Against Interpretation and Other Essays * Susan Sontag 978-0141190068 Link
‘On the Art of Fixing a Shadow’, London, 1839 William Henry Fox Talbot
The Pencil of Nature * William Henry Fox Talbot 978-1153661485 Link
Learning to Draw: Studies in the Cultural History of a Polite and Useful Art* Ann Bermingham 978-0300080391 Link
"A Short History of Photography" [First published in Screen, 1972, volume 13 issue 1, pp. 5-26] Walter Benjamin
The Emergence of Cinematic Time: Modernity, Contingency, the Archive * Mary Ann Doane 978-0674007840 Link
Nature: Josh Brand * (published by Hassla Books, New York, 2013) Josh Brand
Whitney Biennial 2010 * Beth A. Huseman 978-0300162424 Link
Tacita Dean * (published by MACBA, Barcelona, 2000)
Tacita Dean * Michael Hamburger 978-1904270362 Link
Tacita Dean * Jean-Christophe Royoux Link
Tacita Dean : c/o Jolyon * (published by Konig, Cologne, 2013) 978-3863354244 Link
De mar en mar : The Sea Works of Tacita Dean * (published by Fundacion Botin, Santander, 2014) Vicente Todoli
Margarita Gluzberg : Avenue des Gobelins * (published by Paradise Row, London, 2011)
Pierre Bismuth * (published by Editions Flammarion, Paris 2005)
Marcel Broodthaers* Emma Dean 978-0955761027 Link
Paul Chiappe : Series 2012 * (published by Carslaw St Lukes, London, 2012) Colin Perry
Fast & Slow Time : Richard Forster, Colm Toibin* Mima & Ingleby Gallery 978-0860830917 Link
Richard Forster : Michael Bracewell * (published by Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, 2008)
Richard Forster : Modern * (published by Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, 2014)
Bela Kolarova * 978-0956173959 Link
"A Short History of Photography" By Walter Benjamin, first published in "Screen", 1972, volume 13 issue 1, pp. 5-26
William Henry Fox Talbot * Geoffrey Batchen 978-0714841984 Link

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library