This list has been compiled for CLOSE: Drawn Portraits, an exhibition that brings together historic figures, and recent and contemporary artists, revealing intimate encounters between artists and their subjects over the past 200 years.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL
Is it because I am a Dog?: Mounira Al Solh * Edited by Mirene Arsanios Link
Graphic Witness * Kate Macfarlane
Frank Auerbach: Paintings and Drawings 1954- 2001* Catherine Lampert Link
Frank Auerbach: Speaking and Painting * Catherine Lampert Link
Frank Auerbach: Paintings and Drawings 1977 – 1985 [Exhibition catalogue] Link
The Hidden Cézanne: from Sketchbook to Canvas* Anita Haldemann Link
Paul Cézanne: Drawings and Watercolours * Christopher Lloyd Link
Virgina Chihota: a thorn in my flesh (munzwa munyama yangu) * Edited by Jessica Juckes Link
Mawonero / Umbono: Insights on Art in Zimbabwe* Raphael Chikukwa Link
Depicting Thorns in Virginia Chihota’s Flesh [online article] depicting-thorns-in-virginia-chihotas-flesh H. Kinsman
Lucian Freud: Portraits * Christopher Tinker Link
Lucian Freud: drawings * Published by Blain Southern (2012) Link
Dryden Goodwin with essays by Sophie Howarth and Sean Cubitt, minigraph 6 * Link
Barbara Hepworth: Drawings from a Sculptor's Landscape * Alan Bowness Link
Barbara Hepworth: a retrospective exhibition of carvings and drawings from 1927 to 1954 held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery 8th April - 6th June 1954 * David Baxandall Link
Barbara Hepworth: The Hospital Drawings * Nathaniel Hepburn Link
Formed from nature: Barbara Hepworth * Molly Dorkin
David Hockney: travels with pen, pencil, and ink: selected prints and drawings 1962-1977 Link
David Hockney: a drawing retrospective * Ulrich Lockhardt Link
David Hockney: some drawings of family, friends, and best friends, 1993-1994 * Link
David Hockney 1960-1968: a marriage of styles * Alex Farquharson Link
David Hockney: space and line * Published by Annely Juda Fine Art, London; and Richard Gray Gallery (1999) Link
Hockney’s alphabet: drawings by David Hockney* Stephen Spender Link
Secret knowledge: rediscovering the lost techniques of the old masters * David Hockney Link
David Hockney: drawing in a printing machine * David Hockney Link
Ingres’s Portraits and their Muses [chapter in exhibition catalogue] In 'Portraits by Ingres. Image of an Epoch' Edited by G. Tinterow, G. and P. Conisbee Published by The Metropolitan Museum of New York, New York, 1999, p.6 R. Rosenblum Link
Ingres: drawings from the musee Ingres at Montauban and other collections* Link
Adventures in the skin trade [a review of the exhibition Portraits by Ingres – Images of an Epoch, at the National Gallery, London]In The Independent, 26 January 1999, p.10 T. Lubbock
Horst Janssen: Retrospective, review of half a century, drawings and graphics from 1945 to 1995 * Link
Ergo-texte By Horst Janssen In 'Horst Janssen: posters-pieces of art. Designs, drawings, variations, 1957 – 1994' [exhibition catalogue] Published by Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, 1999, p.99 Edited by H. and E. Meyer-Schomann
Carte de Visite: with Helen Cammock, Claudette Johnson, Ingrid Pollard* Curated by Lubaina Himid
Michael Landy: break down * Gerrie van Noord Link
Michael Landy: break down inventory * Clive Lissaman Link
Michael Landy: Everything Must Go! * Richard Shone Link
Michael Landy: Out of Order * Link
Michael Landy: Saints Alive * Colin Wiggins Link
Michael Landy: H2NY * Link
Michael Landy: scaled down * Published by Thomas Dane Gallery (2018)
Growing up: the young british artists at 50: Anya Gallaccio, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Micheal Landy, Sarah Lucas * Jeremy Cooper Link
TateShots. Michael Landy: Drawing Portraits [online video] Tate website:
Maria Lassnig: Der Ort der Bilder: the location of pictures * Gunther Holler-Schuster Link
Maria Lassnig: in the mirror of possibilities * Maria Lassnig Link
Maria Lassnig: the pen is the sister of the brush * Hans Ulrich Obrist Link
The Sensitivity of the Pencil Point. On Maria Lassnig’s Drawings * In 'Maria Lassnig: Zwiegespräche, dialogues' Edited by A. Hoerschelmann and A. Haldemann Basel: Hirmer, 2017, p.29 Anita Haldemann Link
Joyce Pensato: the eraser * Link
Joyce Pensato: I killed Kenny * Link
Forgettabout it: Joyce Pensato * Louise Hayward Link
Joyce Pensato: A Life with Cartoon Characters [video recording] Produced and edited by Roxanne Bagheshirin Lærkesen Youtube:
Deanna Petherbridge: drawing and dialogue * Anthony Griffiths Link
The primacy of drawing * Deanna Petherbridge Link
Artists at work * Deanna Petherbridge Link
Drawing inspiration * Deanna Petherbridge
Deanna Petherbridge: drawings 1968-1982* Published by Manchester City Art Gallery (1982) Link
Geometry of rage: Denis Masi, Deanna Petherbridge, Michael Sandle * Published by Arnolfini Gallery (1984) Link
Deanna Petherbridge: places of change and destruction, drawings 2017 * Published by Art Space Gallery (2017) Link
Two cities, two modernities: drawings by Deanna Petherbridge * Published by Monash University (2003)
Deanna Petherbridge: 'the iron siege of Pavia', graphic mural & other drawings * Published by Whitechapel Art Gallery (1975)
Francis Picabia: I am a beautiful monster: poetry, prose and provocation * Marc Lowenthal Link
Alexander Calder, Francis Picabia: transparence* Michaela Unterdorfer
Francis Picabia Drawings 1902 – 1950 D. Hickey Link
Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction [exhibition catalogue] Link
Francis Picabia: Transparencies 1924-1932, Accommodations of Desire S. Wilson Link
A life of Picasso: the triumphant years, 1917-1932 * John Richardson Link
Picasso: the line * Carmen Gimenez Link
Picasso: works on paper: Barcelone, blue and pink periods: from the collection of Marina Picasso * Marylin McCully
Picasso and the art of drawing * Christopher Lloyd Link
Pablo Picasso Oeuvres de 1942 et 1943 C. Zervos Link
Picasso’s drawings 1890-1921: reinventing tradition* Susan Grace Galassi and Marilyn McCully Link
Picasso’s Watercolours, Drawings and Sculpture 1885 – 1973. A Comprehensive Illustrated Catalogue 1885 – 1973. Nazi Occupation 1940 – 44 (volume 13) The Picasso Project
Picasso Portraits [exhibition catalogue] E. Cowling Link
Paula Rego * John McEwen Link
Paula Rego: the complete graphic work * T. G. Rosenthal Link
Paula Rego: dame with the goat’s foot and other stories * Paula Rego Link
Paula Rego: from mind to hand, drawings from 19880 to 2001 * Frances Carey
Paula Rego: nursery rhymes * Paula Rego Link
Nicola Tyson * Published by Friedrich Petzel Gallery (1997)
Nicola Tyson * Lisa Lambert
Nicola Tyson: dead letter men * Nicola Tyson Link
Nicola Tyson: works on paper * Janine Latham Link
Beyond the trace: Nicola Tyson * Mary Doyle
The art of Jessica Voorsanger * Jean Wainwright Link
Cours de peinture par principes Roger De Piles Link
Autoportrait ou portrait de l’artiste peint par lui-même? Se peindre soi-même à l’époque modern [online article] Published in 'Images Re-vues' , volume 7 Hannah Williams
'The Look of Self-Portraiture' [chapter in exhibition catalogue] In 'Self-Portrait: Renaissance to Contemporary', by A. Bond and J. Woodall T. J. Clark Link
Fictions of the Pose: Facing the Gaze of Early Modern Portraiture H. Berger Jr.
Memoirs of the Blind: The Self-Portrait and Other Ruins * Jacques Derrida Link
Eye and Mind * In 'The Primacy of Perception', by M. Merleau-Ponty Published by Northwestern University Press, Evanston, 1964 M. Merleau-Ponty Link
Why Self-Portraits? * [chapter in exhibition catalogue] In 'Facing the world: Self-portraits from Rembrandt to Ai Weiwei' Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, 2016, p.19 J. Hall Link
Seeing ourselves: women’s self-portraits * Frances Borzello Link
Desire in Language: a semiotic approach to literature and art * Julia Kristeva Link
Mawanero/Umbono: insights on art in Zimbabwe * Edited by Ignatius Mabasa Link
Drawing People: the Human Figure in Contemporary Art * Roger Malbert Link

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library