Artists taking part in Drawing Room's exhibition programme are invited to compile ‘reading lists’ that inform and expand the themes explored in their works.  This list has been compiled for Abstract Drawing, an exhibition curated by artist Richard Deacon including a broad range of works by over 30 artists spanning the last 105 years on the idea of ‘abstraction’ in drawing.  Titles marked with an asterisk * are held in Outset Study.

Title Author Year Selected by ISBN URL Buy
The gray cloth : a novel on glass architecture * Paul Scheerbart David Austen Amazon
Looking at the overlooked Norman Bryson David Austen Amazon
Paul Celan : selected poems Paul Celan David Austen Amazon
Hart Crane : complete poems Hart Crane David Austen Amazon
The decay of the angel Yukio Mishima David Austen Amazon
The sailor who fell from grace with the sea Yukio Mishima David Austen Amazon
Six memos for the next millennium Italo Calvino David Austen Amazon
Some of the things I really must do before I die (Written version of a radio broadcast ‘From species of spaces and other pieces’) Georges Perec David Austen Amazon
Jesus'_Blood_Never_Failed_Me_Yet (sound work) Gavin Bryars David Austen Link Amazon
Tower of meaning (sound work) Arthur Russel David Austen Amazon
How to look : Ad Reinhardt art comics Kristine Bell Richard Deacon Amazon
Chromophobia David Batchelor Richard Deacon Amazon
The true vine Stephen Bann Richard Deacon Amazon
Meditations on a hobby horse E. H. Gombrich Richard Deacon Amazon
The language of vision Gyorgy Kepes Richard Deacon Amazon
Abstraction and empathy Wilhelm Worringer Richard Deacon Amazon
Shamanism Mircea Eliade Richard Deacon Amazon
The mind in the cave David Lewis Williams Richard Deacon Amazon
Minimal art : a critical anthology Gregory Batcock Richard Deacon Amazon
The Russian experiment in art Camilla Grey Richard Deacon Amazon
The mathematical theory of communication Claude Shannon & Warren Weaver Richard Deacon Amazon
Art as the evolution of visual knowledge Charles Biederman Garth Evans Amazon
Correction Thomas Bernhard Lothar Goetz Amazon
In praise of shadows Jun’ichiro Tanizaki Lothar Goetz Amazon
Art and discontent : theory at the millennium Thomas McEvilley Lothar Goetz Amazon
Goldberg Variations [sound work] The Robots from Kraftwerk Sebastian Bach Lothar Goetz Amazon
The world of perception Maurice Merleau-Ponty Victoria Haven Amazon
The ballad of Peckham Rye Muriel Spark Victoria Haven Amazon
Awe Dorothea Lasky Victoria Haven Amazon
Cézannes composition : analysis of his form with diagrams and photographs of his motifs Erle Loran Victoria Haven Amazon
Last year at Marienbad (script for the film by Alain Resnais) Alain Robbe - Grillet Victoria Haven Amazon
Songs of innocence and of experience William Blake Victoria Haven Link Amazon
Please kill me : the uncensored oral history of punk Legs McNeil Victoria Haven Amazon
Dialogue in the vois : Beckett and Giacometti Matti Megged Victoria Haven Amazon
Radical love : 5 novels Fanny Howe Victoria Haven Amazon
Zona Geoff Dyer Victoria Haven Amazon
Alice’s adventures in wonderland Lewis Carroll Victoria Haven Amazon
Nature Writings John Muir Victoria Haven Amazon
Interaction of colour Josef Albers Victoria Haven Amazon
A tour of the monuments of Passaic, New Jersey [essay] Robert Smithson Victoria Haven Link Amazon
Why does Fred Sandback’s work make me cry? [essay] Andrea Fraser Victoria Haven Link Amazon
Francis Bacon : the logic of sensation Gilles Deleuze Emma McNally Amazon
A thousand plateaus Gilles Deleuze Emma McNally Amazon
The visible and the invisible Merleau Ponty Emma McNally Amazon
The poetics of space Gaston Bachelard Emma McNally Amazon
The information James Gleick Emma McNally Amazon
Microsound Curtis Roads Emma McNally Amazon
Larousse Encyclopaedia of prehistoric and ancient art Emma McNally Amazon
C Tom McCarthy Emma McNally Amazon
30 minute snare drum roll [sound work] Charles Hayward Emma McNally Amazon
Buildings of New York [sound work] Francisco Lopez Emma McNally Link Amazon
Live transmission from hydrophones under the Antarctic ice [sound work] Emma McNally Link Amazon
Music for 18 musicians [sound work] Steve Reich Emma McNally Amazon
Spem in Alium [sound work] Thomas Tallis Emma McNally Amazon
Arvo Part [sound work] Emma McNally Amazon
Tim Hecker [sound work] Emma McNally Amazon
A love supreme [sound work] John Coltrane Emma McNally Amazon
The cello suites [sound work] Bach Emma McNally Amazon
Materials of the artist Max Doerner Sam Messenger Amazon
What is art? Leo Tolstoy Sam Messenger Amazon
The past from above Charlotte Trumpler Alison Wilding Amazon
Tribal and village rugs Peter F. Stone Alison Wilding Amazon
Kevin Volans, hunting : gathering [sound work] The Duke Quartet, Black Box Music Limited, 2002 Alison Wilding Amazon

Titles marked with an asterix * are held in the Outset Study library