Tannery Project

Billboard Project #2
Mahal de Man




Tannery Projects Billboard Commission

Mahal de Man ‘I Miss Your Touch’ , 2021

Original drawing: 16x24cm, Ink erased from found printed image www.mahaldeman.nl

‘I Miss Your Touch’ is a response to the social distancing guidelines of the past year, but also an expression of grief after the passing of a close friend. ‘Touch’ has been a recurring theme that brings home a body of exploratory works in the process of developing the commission. Other works in this series include ‘Anvil’ , a drawing on display at the Drawing Biennial 2021 behind this wall (until 27 June), and new artworks currently being developed in de Man’s studio at Tannery Arts.

‘I Miss Your Touch’ is the second of a series of four temporary billboard commissions for Tannery Projects, curated by Nina Shen-Poblete, Chinese-born cultural producer based in Folkestone, co-founder and director at HOP Projects CT20. Shen-Poblete has invited artists associated with Tannery Arts and the local community led by ‘Rock, Paper Scissors’ to create a rolling series of Billboard artworks on display between May and September 2021.