Contemporary Drawing Research - Call for proposals

Drawing Room invites proposals that examine critical issues around contemporary drawing. We offer postgraduate students and scholars the chance to field test and peer-review research, and to network and engage with a wider community of academics and specialists. Outset Study is a space for knowledge exchange between disciplines, encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas and methodology, and fostering collaborations between artists and researchers.

We are now inviting proposals of a high quality that reflect a strong research focus. Proposals should include a summary of your research, outline the key questions it raises and how these will be addressed by your project. Proposals must have an explicit connection to drawing, and discuss why the medium of drawing specifically has been utilised in your research. Please include supporting visual material as relevant. Please state how presenting at the Drawing Research Forum will benefit your project.

Selected papers will be presented at the next Drawing Research Forum on Monday 14th October 2019.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 1st September 2019. Please email your proposal (between 200 - 500 words) and a brief bio about yourself to [email protected]

Posted: Thu 01 Aug 2019