Teachers’ Assembly: The Expanded Scrapbook

Tue 28 June 2022 : 4:15pm – 5:15pm

We welcome all teachers and educators to assemble at Grange Primary School for an experimental book making workshop with artist Lucie MacGregor.

During this CPD session we will repurpose existing drawings to construct ad-hoc scrapbooks, using folding, stapling, tearing and tying as methods to bind paper. Through this practical activity we will explore the book format, considering how it can be used in the classroom as a playful tool for learning.  

Together with teachers Rosmary Hall and Olivia Abrahams, Lucie will reflect on her recent project, looking back at how her process of drawing, collecting and transforming, unfolded like a concertina over several weeks in school. Everyone will receive a free teaching resource that delves into ideas around creative journeys and scrapbooks.


This event is part of our Teachers’ Assembly series, which seeks to promote drawing as a versatile pedagogical tool. Drawing Room’s ROCK PAPER SCISSORS programme spans afterschool clubs, in-school projects, teachers' assemblies, family studio sessions and holiday projects - working holistically across different structures within children’s lives. 

* Please note, this event has limited capacity so if you cannot make it, please notify us so we can reallocate your ticket. We prioritise teachers and school staff so please get in touch to request a place if you have an alternative background.



Tickets and joining info will be sent via email.

The location for this event is:

Grange Primary School
Webb Street 

View large image Event poster. Down left the text reads THE EXPANDED SCRAPBOOK with several letters of text hand-drawn. On the right there is a photo of a young girl in a blue check dress, mostly obscured by a large, colourful collage she is holding up to camera.

Lucie MacGregor, Every/body, 2022, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS in school project Typography by Varv Varv