Drawing Biennial 2019

Exhibition & online fundraising auction of over 200 unique works on paper

Exhibition: 20 February – 26 March · Auction: 11 March 10am – 26 March 9.30pm


Adrian Haak Jr


Top Pick

Charles Asprey, Arts Patron, co-editor of PICPUS and co-director of The London Fountain Company - ' 'Belongs' is very much in the spirit of John Ruskin, who’s 200th anniversary falls this year.'

Year 2019
Medium Silverpoint on panel
Dimensions 30 x 18.5 x 0.4 cm
Bidding Open Mon 11 March, 2019 at 10:00am
Bidding Ended Tue 26 March, 2019 at 9:30pm

About the work:

The objects in this drawing were collected during a visit to Pennsylvania to introduce my six month old son to my family. The stone in the lower left is from a small creek that runs along the border of my grandmother’s family farm. The sea shell is from the font used in my son’s baptism, which happened during the visit, and the stone in the upper right was pulled from the water of Monterrey Bay, CA. A loose map of the small creek and part of the river into which it flows appears within the lighter circular area, between the lower stone and the shell.

A sense of belonging is widely considered to be a fundamental need and a primary psychological motivator for humanity. It becomes perhaps even more important in divisive, difficult times. Relying on geometric figures, the golden ratio, Jungian archetypes, and Significant Form, the drawing is a reflection on belongingness - how to generate a sense of belonging and where to find it. These objects have significance to me, but also serve as totems or icons, each carrying their own broad, symbolic resonance.

''Belongs' is very much in the spirit of John Ruskin, who’s 200th anniversary falls this year.' - Charles Asprey

About the artist:

Born 1979 Pennsylvania, Adrian Haak Jr. lives and works in London. Graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania; and Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts, London.

Haak makes silverpoint drawings of found natural objects such as leaves or stones. The objects are often collected as personal markers or mementoes of a particular place or time. In addition to this personal, subjective significance, he researchs the archetypal and historical significance these items may bear. This often provides surprising insights into them, enriching and expanding their meaning. In the image, Haak frequently couples them with formal or iconic geometric elements as he reaches for a way to explore how ontological concerns may be embodied though these everyday objects.

His works are held in public and public collections in the United States, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Selected solo exhibitions include Adrian Haak – Silverpoint Drawings, Bethlehem, Philadelphia (2009); and Adrian Haak - Drawings, Lebanon Valley Council of the Arts, Lebanon, Philadelphia (2008). Selected group exhibitions include London Ultra, OXO Bargehouse, London (2018); Stables Gallery End of Year Group Show, Stables-in-Exile, London (2018); Tannery Group Show, Tannery Project Space, London (2017); Open Exhibition, More Riverside, London (2014); In Search of the Intentist, The Rag Factory, London (2011); Battle of Ideas, Royal College of Art, London (2011); 38th Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Lebanon Valley College, Annville (2009); and 31st Annual Berks Art Alliance Juried Art Exhibition, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, Reading, Philadelphia (2008).

Haak's work was featured in The Power of Drawing, in PoetsandArtist Magazine Issue 59 (2014); and The Search for Intentist Art (2011).