How to Bid

  1. Register as a bidder here or at the gallery
  2. To bid for works click on the artist's name or image
  3. Place a bid: bidding starts at £250 and the up and down arrows indicate the bidding increments which are:
    • £25 increments for bids of £250 - £500
    • £50 increments for bids of £500 - £1,000
    • £100 increments for bids of £1,000 - £2,000
    • £250 increments for bids of £2,000 - £10,000
    • £500 increments for bids of £10,000 plus
  4. Maximum bids: if you place a maximum bid you are more likely to be the successful bidder.  The value of the work will only increase if someone is bidding against you and the bids will increase in set increments, as above.  Please be sure that your maximum bid is a figure you are happy to pay.
  5. Email updates: after bidding you will receive an email confirming your bid. If you are outbid you will receive an email notification with a link to the drawing so you can increase your bid
  6. Unique bidder number: on registering you will be allocated a unique bidder number. You will need to remember your unique bidder number if you plan to attend the silent auction event at Drawing Room on Wednesday 15 May. This number gives you anonymity and will appear on the projection that displays current bids at the auction. You do not need your unique bidder number to bid online - log in using your email and password and navigate to the work/s to place bids.
  7. The online auction is live from 18 April until the evening of 15 May 2013
  8. Support: if you have any problems or require assistance please call the office on + 44 (0) 207 394 5657 Mon – Sat 11-6pm
  9. If you require support with telephone bidding on 15 May our dedicated bidding line is + 44 (0) 79234 37318