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About Dan Shaw-Town:

Dan Shaw-Town (b.1983, Huddersfield, UK) lives and works in New York and London. Recent solo exhibitions include: Unosunove, Rome (2011); China Objects, Los Angeles (2011); Khastoo Gallery, Los Angeles (2010). Group exhibitions include: Room East, New York (2012); Surface/Tension, Lisson Gallery, London (2011); Library of Babel in and out of place, 176 Gallery, London (2010); MOT, London (2010); Tactile gaze, Unosunove, Rome (2010); Seventeen Gallery, London (2010); and Contested Ground, 176 Gallery, London (2009).

Dan Shaw-Town

Title Untitled (unique)
Year 2013
Medium Carbon toner on paper
Dimensions 21.5 cm x 28 cm
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