Tyler Bright Hilton

Tyler Bright Hilton (b. 1979, Canada) lives and works in Toronto and studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. From 2009-2011, Hilton was an Instructor of Drawing at Tate Modern. Since 2011, he has been at work on the second installment of a 3-part narrative series of etchings and drawings titled Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Trail of a Liar. This sprawling project fuses themes exploring adolescent solipsism, escapism and bodily alienation with disparate formal pictorial and storytelling approaches- ranging from 16-bit video-game-inspired isometric perspective to Siennesse predellas. Selected exhibitions include: Minmei Madelynne Pryor on the Tril of a Liar, Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto (2015); Toronto International Art Fair, Courtesy Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto (2014); Minmei Madelynne Pryor, Bailey Fine Arts, Toronto (2014); Conkers!, 12 Star Gallery European Union, London (2012); OK, NOW THE FLOOR IS LAVA!, Rochelle School, London (2011); Re|Inhabit, Knin Museum, Croatia (2011); More Cooning With Cooners, Donlon Books (Launch), London (2011); Aqua Art Miami, Courtesy Mulherin, Miami (2209); Slideshow, XPACE, Toronto (2008); New Contemporaries, A-Foundation, Liverpool/Rochelle School, London (2008); and Minmei Madelynne Pryor Went into the Dryer, Mulherin, Toronto. Hilton has work in many collections, including: Archive of Modern Conflict, London, UK, The Bailey Collection, Canada, and Louise Spence, London, UK. He is represented by Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto/Calgary, Canada. 

Last updated: 23.09.2014