Tony Conrad

Tony Conrad (b. 1940, Concord, NH, USA) is an artist, musician/composer, and media maker based in Buffalo, NY. He is currently Distinguished Professor, Department of Media Study at the State University New York (SUNY). He was involved in the early underground cinema and minimal music, and is known for his 1966 film The Flicker, a key early structuralist film, and for his minimalist violin playing. His early work is the subject of Branden W. Joseph’s Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the arts after Cage (2008). Beginning in 1972 with his Yellow Movies, Conrad produced “paracinema” works, using cooking, electrocution, hammering, and weaving. In 1976, he joined the Department of Media Study in the University at Buffalo, where he still teaches. In the 1990's Conrad was an activist supporter of community media, working with Buffalo media collectives and co-producing several hundred public access television programs. Tony Conrad’s music performances, films, videos, and other works are heard and seen in the US and internationally. He has released many CDs on the Table of the Elements label. He works in New York and exhibits at Greene Naftali Gallery (New York) and Galerie Buchholz (Berlin / Cologne).

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