Sophie Glover

Sophie Glover (b. 1992, London) lives and works in London. She studied at Falmouth University. Recent exhibitions include Drawing Biennial, Drawing Room, London (2015); STUDIO; Define, Liberty of Norton Folgate, Bishopsgate (2014); ING, Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London (2014); Cornish Drawings, Gallery Tresco, Tresco Island (2014); Show & Tell with Just Us Collective, Studio 1.1, Shoreditch (2014); BA(hons) Drawing Showcase, RKBurt Gallery, Southwark (2014); BA(hons) Drawing Show, Falmouth University, Falmouth (2014); Drawing Print Auction, The Poly, Falmouth (2014); The Festival of Creativity, The Gallery Highwaymans, Bury St. Edmunds (2014); Sketch, Untitled & No4, Falmouth (2014); Drawing The Line, Millenium Gallery, St Ives (2014); This Must Be For You, The Altruistic Artshow, Shoreditch (2013); Schmucks, Falmouth (2013); PLAY STUDIO, Espressini, Falmouth (2013); Stellar Graduates, Flavel Arts Centre (2013); Rising Stars, Coombe Gallery (2013); Make it up North, The Guildhall York (2013); Art in Action, Oxfordshire (2013); ALIGN 50°9’46”N5°5’7”W, Five Degrees, Falmouth (Curated & Participated)(2013); ALIGN 5x5, Five Degrees, Falmouth (Curated & Participated)(2013); ALIGN, Hand Bar, Falmouth (Curated & Participated)(2013); BUCCA Gallery, Newlyn (2012); RENDER, RKB Gallery, Southwark. London (2012); Print Auction, The Steel Gallery, Falmouth (2012); and Neutral Norway, The Art Space, Stroud (2012).

Last updated: 16.04.2015