Ryan Mosley

Born 1980 Chesterfield, Ryan Mosley lives and works in London and Sheffield. Graduated from Bachelor of Arts, Drawing and Painting, Huddersfield University (2003); and Master of Arts, Painting, Royal College of Art, London (2007).

I consider myself to be a painter as that's what I spend my days in the studio doing. Though paintings rely on ideas and information, its within drawing that I find ideas which feed the painting - a page in a sketch book, a painted outline on a canvas, the power of the economy of the material (pencil and paper), the spontaneity of what can be recorded and what can be dismissed with drawing, and what can be imagined through ideas on a page.

His work is held in public and private collections including Arts Council England; Plymouth Museum; Ramm, Exeter; Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield; Berger Collection; and Saatchi Gallery.

Selected solo exhibitions include Josh Lilley, London (2021); Verses in Time, Larsen Warner, Stockholm (2020); A planets revolution, Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin (2019); Rival Poets, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen (2019); Under Moon, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp (2018); From the Verges, Galerie EIGEN + ART, Leipzig (2017); Coupe de grâce, Tim van Laere Gallery, Antwerp (2016); Anatomy and the Wall, Alison Jacques Gallery, London (2016); The Mirror Never Reflects, Eigen + Art, Berlin (2015); and Band of None, Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Los Angeles (2014). 

Selected group exhibitions include Everyday Heroes, Southbank Centre, London (2020); Radical Figures: Painting in the New Millennium, Whitechapel Gallery, London (2020); Enjoy and Take Care!, Tim van Laere Gallery, Antwerp (2020); Gifts for you, Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin (2019); GMA XXX AAR, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen (2019); Drawing Biennial 2019, Drawing Room, London (2019); The Last Waltz (For Leon), Tim van Laere Gallery, Antwerp (2019); Heads Roll, Graves Gallery, Sheffield (2018); The Wall Have Ears, Aston Hall Museum, Birmingham (2018); Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking, Paul Morrison's Studio, Sheffield (2018); Apartment of Mr. Reverend, Regina Gallery, Moscow (2018); and Always Trust The Artist, Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp (2018).

Awards and residencies include Grand Arts Residency, Kansas (2010); Basil H. Alkazzi Award, New York (2007); and Visual Arts Travel Scholarship, Royal-Over-Seas-League, Australia (2005).

Last updated: 06.04.2021