Paul Sharits

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    Graphology, Drawing Room, 2012, installation view From left to right: Paul Sharits, Untitled 1977, Ink on plexi, 43.5 x 35.5 cm Wim Janssen, Corner Piece 2011, Graphite, in situ installation, 70 x 70 x 20 cm Photo: Dave Morgan

Paul Jeffrey Sharits (b. 1943, d. 1993) was born in Denver, Colorado to Paul Edward Sharits and Florence Romeo. Paul Edward and Florence had one more child, Jeffrey Leigh, a few years later. Having had demonstrated tremendous artistic abilities in art, Paul was awarded a full scholarship to The University of Denver’s prestigious School of the Arts. Once he completed his Undergraduate studies, Paul married Frances Trujillo and began his master’s studies at The University of Indiana in Bloomington where he had his only child, Christopher in 1965. Shortly after Christopher was born, Paul’s mother, who was being treated for manic-depression, more commonly known as Bipolar Disorder, committed suicide. Paul was already fascinated with 16mm film by 1960 and had established a mentorship and friendship with filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Already known for his Structuralist Film Exploration, Paul taught at Maryland’s Art Institute and Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio before being recruited by Gerry O’Grady to teach at The University of Buffalo’s Media Studies Department in Buffalo, New York where he remained a popular professor until his death. He divorced Frances in 1969. Paul’s younger brother Jeffrey, an accomplished filmmaker in his own rights, suffered from Bipolar Disorder, tragically committed suicide in Berkley, California in 1980. Paul, who was also Bipolar, committed suicide in Buffalo, New York on July 8, 1993. His son Christopher writes about his affliction with Bipolar Disorder in Denver, Colorado with his family. More information about Pauls's life and work can be found at

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