Oisin Byrne

Oisin Byrne (b. Dublin, IR, 1983) lives and works in London, UK. Studied BA in Fine Art Painting and the History of Art, The National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2006); and MFA at Goldsmiths University of London, UK. The basis of Oisin’s practice is drawing and he considers even his paintings, in a way, to be drawings. He likes to use paper because of its portability, its versatility and because of the apparent contradiction of its characteristics; having such an ephemeral quality while at the same time the ability to be manipulated into a surprisingly strong material through the practice of origami and different methods of folding. Select exhibitions include Oisin Bryne: On Being Named, Cecilia Brunson Projects, UK (2016); Wildly Different Things: New York and Dublin, BlueLeaf Unlimited, The Observatory, Dublin (2010); Mordant Tales, Mirielle Bourgeois, Canada (2009); LIGHTWAVE, Science Gallery, Dublin, IR (2009); The Universe in a Cardboard Box, Project Platform, Dublin Art Fair, IR (2008); friendly energy being, The Back Loft, Dublin, IR (2008); The Big Store, Temple Bar Galleries and Studios, Dublin, IR (2007).

Last updated: 29.03.2017