Nancy Spero

Nancy Spero (1926 -2009) lived and worked, for much of her life, in New York. Received B.F.A, Art Institute of Chicago (1949); honorary doctorates, the School of the Art, Institute of Chicago (1991); and Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris (1949-50). As both artist and activist, Spero's career spanned fifty years. Executed with a raw intensity on paper and in ephemeral installations, her work often draws its imagery and subject matter from current and historical events such as the torture of women in Nicaragua, the extermination of Jews in the Holocaust, and the atrocities of the Vietnam War. Her awards include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the College Art Association (2005); the Honor Award from the Women’s Caucus for Art (2003); the Hiroshima Art Prize (jointly with Leon Golub, 1996); and the Skowhegan Medal (1995). Major exhibitions include Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, Mexico (2017); The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York (2017); Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (2016); Punta della Dogana, Venice, Italy (2015); Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts (2013); Serpentine Gallery, London, England (2011); Musée National d'art Moderne Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (2010); Museo d’Arte Contemporani, Barcelona, Spain (2008); Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy (2007); Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela (2003); Hiroshima Art Prize, Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan (1996); Massachusetts Institute of Technology, List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge (1994); the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston (1994); the Museum of Modern Art, New York (1992); Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, Austria (1991); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (1988); and Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, California, US (1987).

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