Masakatsu Kondo

Masakatsu Kondo (b. 1962, Nagoya, Japan) lives and works in London. He graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, 1993. Kondo's paintings draw on the landscape depictions and symbolic imagery of mass media; mountains captured in solitude and the vulnerable creatures are posed against impossibly sublime scenery, the eerily enhanced scenes suggestive of a peculiarly modern sense of isolation. The Romantic motif of man pitted against nature is not only a reminder of the transience of being, but a call to stand up to deal with it by ourselves: his work is not merely a Romantic conceit, but a declaration of intent. Kondo won the 2nd Prize at the John Moores Exhibition at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (1997) and Granada Foundation Prize at Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (1993). Selected solo exhibitions include; Whenever I Am Silent at All Visual Arts, London (2012), Botany (2003) and Bridge (2007) at David Risley Gallery, London, Masakatsu Kondo at Mid Pennine Gallery, Burnley (2002), Landsacpe Paintings 1997 -2001 at Turnpike Gallery (2001), New Paintings at Taro Nasu Gallery, Tokyo (2001). Selected group show; Prime at Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (2000), New space at Oriel Mostyn, North Wales (2001), Surface at Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam (2001), and Nature in the Dream at Gunma Museum of Art, Tarebayashi (2006).

Last updated: 24.09.2014