Jamie Shovlin

Jamie Shovlin (b. 1978) lives and works in London. Shovlin is best known for a series of ambitious projects, including Naomi V.Jelish (2001- 2004) and Lustfaust: A Folk Anthology 1976-81 (2003-06), in which the artist constructed extensive and seemingly real archives, which were then revealed to be elaborate fictions. Recent solo exhibitions include: 2011: Jesus Rinzoli’s Hiker Meat, IBID Projects, London. 2010: Hiker Meat, MACRO, Rome. 2009: The Evening Redness in the West, Haunch of Venison Zurich. 2006/ 2007: Aggregate, City Gallery, Leicester; Artsway; Talbot Rice Art Gallery, Edinburgh and Hatton Gallerym, Newcastle. 2006: In Search of Perfect Harmony, Tate Britain. Shovlin is represented by Haunch of Venison.

Last updated: 24.09.2014