Giorgio Sadotti

Giorgio Sadotti is a London based artist. He has exhibited internationally for many years in a variety of exhibitions including Tate Modern London ('Century City'  2001) and PS1 MOMA New York ('Romantic Detachment' 2004). He presented a one person exhibition at Tate Britain London ('FLOWER SSNAKE, SPELLS LIKE TREE SPIRIT' 2011) and one of his recent touring exhibitions 'THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS' 2012 is a work made from the contributions of over fifty other artist's. He has worked with Swiss curator Roman Kurzmeyer on several projects, has himself curated many exhibitions and art events including 'Love' 2004 (with Liam Gillick), 'CF GS' 2006 (with Ceal Floyer) and once ran a London gallery (Modern Art). His work is owned by amongst others  the Tate Gallery and Arts Council Collection.

Last updated: 09.03.2015