Gavin Turk

Gavin Turk (b. 1967, Guildford) lives and works in London. Turk rose to prominence in the 1990’s in the group of ‘Young British Artists.’ In 1991, Turk was denied his MA certificate from the Royal College of Art for his degree show presentation, which consisted of an empty white studio with a blue English Heritage plaque installed, which simply bore the inscription “Borough of Kensington / GAVIN TURK / Sculptor / Worked Here 1989-1991.” Turk was awarded the Royal Academy Charles Wollaston Award. Recent solo exhibitions include: 2009: Gavin Turk: The Mirror Stage, Goodman Gallery, Capetown; Gavin Turk: Turkey Foil, SchleiblerMitte, Berlin; Gavin Turk: Gavin Turk Ltd, Paul Stolper with RS&A Ltd., London; Gavin Turk: Jazzz, Sean Kelly Gallery, New York; Gavin Turk, CAC Malaga, Spain; Gavin Turk, Collection Lambert, Paris; Gavin Turk, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong; Gavin Turk, Gallerie Veggerby, Copenhagen. Selected group exhibitions include: 2010: Banners of Persuasion/Demons, Yarns & Tales: Tapestries by Contemporary Artists, James Cohan Gallery, New York. 2009: No Show, Nicholas Robinson Gallery, New York; The Passionate Pursuit: Gifts and Promised Works from Donna and Cargill MacMillan, Palm Spring Museum of Art, Palm Springs, California; Sur le dandysme anujourd’hui: From Shop Window Mannequin to Media Star, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain; Magritte and Light, Almine Rech, Paris; Sold Out, Tate Gallery, London. 

Last updated: 15.02.2017