Ana Rojas Vega

Ana Rojas Vega (b.1985, Pamplona, Colombia) has lived and worked in London for the past five years. She completed her undergraduate degree in Fine Art at Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá (2004-2008) and, last year, studied A History of Western Art at The Sotheby’s Institute (2013). The work presented here is an exercise in line and space where the artist explores an interest in materials and their phyisical properties (particularly, colour and texture). It is part of a series of drawings that the artist has been working on, in preparation for larger scale works and further drawings. Previous exhibitions include: Degree Show, Universidad de Los Andes (2008); Unsplit Peak Problem, RCA (July 2010); Tannery Arts Summer Shows (2013 & 2014). 

Last updated: 15.02.2017